A confession

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ok, I have a lot to say. I won't say it all, but I just want to get some of it off my chest.

I got offered a new job. It's a job I've always wanted and it's finally been offered to me. It took a lot of sacrifice, but it's finally mine. And you know, it really wasn't that hard because I really had nothing to loose, only to gain.

Now I have to move to the USA (which is cool), and I'll be making a lot more money (which is COOLER). But I have to leave my current job which I like and which really needs a developer right now; and I also have to leave the Board of Directors of the local AIDS organization I joined, which sucks. I can still keep helping even though I won't be here, but it will be in a much smaller capacity. So even though I'm predominantly excited and overjoyed, I'm a little sad also. What a world, huh?

There, it's out. I have to start a tedious visa process, lots of paperwork, I have to move, say goodbye to everyone. And so another chapter ends, and another begins. Indeed, what a world...


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