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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I hadn't metnioned this before, but I'm now on the Board of Directors for the local AIDS Foundation. Yes, Germy normally steers clear of those types of posts; Germy likes to help and everything, but likes to avoid politics. I originally only signed up as a replacement, but since a guy quit the day AFTER the Board was alected, I was promoted. Argh.

Anyways, we just had our biggest fundraising event of the eyar and it went great. And I mean really well, we actually made three times as much money as last year. You heard me, THREE TIMES. x3. Trois. I was amazed myself, and it was all thanks to a very devoted team and one really hot Argentine restauranteur (seriously, he looks AMAZING without his shirt on... don't ask me how I know this). The event was tiring but lots of fun. The guy I have a crush on was there (more on that later), and also a whole bunch of rich gay guys who kept flirting with everything that moved and looked remotely male. Yes, Germy was flirted upon, but I have no problem whoring myself for a good cause (Amen for that!). I was groped, hit on, fondled and offered a job. So, yes, I was profoudnly dissapointed I didn't get a one-night-stand out of it either, but, well, you just can't have it all, darlings.

Handling so much money sort of made me a little nervous, but I think so far things have gone smoothly. We had our first major board meeting after the event and it looks like there's finally going to be much more control over the foundations activities and finances. Last year was quite a shamble, so this one can only be better (or so I hope). There is currently a power struggle going on in the organization, and that seriously bores me to tears and frustrates me. But, well, I think there will always be politics and power struggles; the key is to stay focused on the original task and continue to help others who are in their darkest and weakest moments. And that's what I want to do.


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