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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nick Lachey!

Yes, I've always thought Nicky was a tremendous hottie, but now that he's going to be single soon, he seems even hotter! YUM YUM. This guys is seriously beautiful. I mean look at thoe eyes! He's gorgeous. He's got the "good boy" thing going all the way. And let's not forget his amazing body. Wow! He's just like Germy like's 'em, tall, dark and handsome. What an mazingly big hunk of a man!

Yeah, he started out in a boy band, big deal. Yeah, he can't really sing to save his life, big deal. Yeah, he married some blonde bimbo who now makes way more money than he's ever made in his entire life. BIG DEAL. He's hot. And, from the very very very few times I watched his stupid-ass reality TV show, he's tender and sweet, a big goofy teddy bear. He's equal parts guy and sweetheart. Just enough male heterosexual primitiveness and stupidity, just enough cute, and more than enough HOTTNESS!!!

What's in store for old Nick? I honestly have no idea. IMDB has him starring in a TV series. I honestly hope it will be a huge success and that he will frequently appear in his underwear, or like in a towel, or like in a swimsuit, and like in shorts and a tank top, or like naked, or wahtever. I'm sorry, he had me at "Hello". Be still my heart!!!

Here are some more yummy pics:


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