Friday, March 03, 2006

Ok, it's Oscar weekend. I've been invitd to an Oscar party on Sunday, but I'm not going. Don't ask. Anyways, here are my Osar comments.

Best Film. Brokeback. 'Nuff said.

Best Actress. Whoah, this is a toughie. I sure do hope Felicity Huffman wins for portraying a transgendered woman, but the latest buzz has been around Reese Witherspoon. Don't get me worng, I don't mean to say that Reesie doesn't deserve it. It's just that Felicity deserves it... MORE! Hahaha. Ok, so I hope Felicity wins, but I think that reese will. Shit.

Best Actor. Capote, hands down. No brainer. Next.

Best Supporting Actress. Oh man, oh man. I'm once again torn. I'd love for Rachel Weisz to win, I adore her, I think she's beautiful and has come a very very long way from her "The Mummy" days. She' great. But... I saw the "Junebug" trailer and became completely enthralle with Amy Adams. I mean the girl is absolutely hilarious, a fucking riot. And it's onlye like a 2min trailer! hahaha. She really sparkled in those 120 seconds tho. So, I think rachel will win, but my heart is secretly set on Amy. Don't tell Rachel, ok?

Best Director. Ok, interesting. Of course Ang Lee will win this, but I just wanted to make this last paragraph longer than the other obvious nods, haha.

Best Adapted Screenplay. Brokeback. Duh.

Best Original Screenplay. Ok, if the Squid and the Whale doesn't win this, I will hand in my Academy membership and never vote for the Oscars again. You bunch of closeted fags!!! Ths movie deserves it just becaue it featured Laura Linney as its leading lady. In fact, any fucking movie with her in it automatically deserves a nomination. No! An Oscar! AN OSCAR, YOU HEAR ME!?!?!?!?!?!

Happy Oscar weekend! ;-)


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