Spring break

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh man, I just saw some amazingly hot guys while I was alking back to work from lunch. Yum. It reminds me that we're smack in the middle of Spring Break here in PV. What does this mean? Yes, a bunch of young, tanned and hot American girls getting really drunk and horny. Yawn.

What else does this mean? A bunch of young, tanned, hot, muscular, horny guys getting drunk too! Haha. Ok, not just getting drunk, but also walking around the beach with their shirts off. Walking along the boulevards, with their shirts off. Hanging around in the bars and restaurant, sans shirt. Catch my drift?... heaven.

Granted, most of the hot college guys are straight. Damn. It's still plenty of fun to look at them though, haha. Also, the gay bars in town still fill up with plenty of queer college guys too! Hello, hello! And you get to benefit from the amazing American physical education programs and nutritional campaigns; damn, those boys are well fed and in great shape... God bless America! (the coutnry, not the continent).

There are a lot of things I don't like about this beach town. But this is NOT one of them! Ha! It's time to go to the beach, lay down and take in some sun, have a margarita, take some sunglasses (to hide your voyeuristic gaze) and gawk at all the hotties! HUBBA, HUBBA!


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