Hottie of the week

Saturday, April 29, 2006

... Andy Samberg!

As usual, old Germy was surfin' through the Blogosphere and he stumbled upon a viral video being served up by the ubiquitous YouTube. It was a Saturday Night Live sketch making fun of gangster raps. Germy loves SNL, so he happily viewed it. It was called "Lazy Sunday". Even though this video was a HUGE hit, I was not really that impressed. Well, I was, but not by the video or the lyrics, but by one of the performers. He was none other than Andy Samberg, this week's hottie o' my heart. He looks so hot in this video, especially when they're ridding in the back seat of the car just groovin'.

I don't know what it is exclude about him that just make me wanna... shake. Could it be his strong jaw line? His thick and strong neck? His winning smile? His broad shoulders? And from the looks of it, he has a nice bod. I can't point my finger at it, but he just exudes sensuality. Does he like guys or girls? I dunno, you tell me. HA!

He later came out in the (MUCH MORE HILARIOUS) Natalie Portman rap sketch. It was a just a mini cameo, but he still looks goofy and really hot in that Viking outfit. Yum. I don't know, but I sure do value guys who make me laugh. And are hot. Like Andy. Yum.

He actually got his start doing video parodies on the Internet. That's how he got the job on SNL and now he's used the underlying power of the web to launch his superstardom. Yum. I just think he's dreamy. Be still my heart!!!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finally got around to seeing this movie. Great flick. I especially liked the stories involving Sandra Bullock and the Latin and Persian guy. Cool. Very original stories about a very overdone subject: racism. I also liked the fact that they showed how black people aren't the only ones discriminated against. All minorities get it.

It's an especially nasty film, it shows very curde and blunt examples of everyday prejudices. The verbal abuse that goes on, especially at the beginning of the film, is quite upsetting (at least if you're a minority).

You know, I realize now that it's a little sad that this movie's Best Picture win was cast in doubt because of Brokeback Mountain. Don't get me wrong, Germy is still the Rainbow Mercenary he's always tried to be, but Crash is a good movie. It didn't win it's Best Picture Oscar for nothing.

But.. still, with such an explosive and racially charged movie like Crash... isn't it ironic that everyone made such a big fuss about a quiet, simple and sad love story? Nobody banned Crash from any movie theaters, nobody was as shocked by Crash as they were by Brokeback. Indeed, what a world...

One candidate to rule them all

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yes, we have presidential elections coming up in Mexico soon. And we had our first presidential debate last night. Here are the highlights (according to Germy):

  • AMLO decided not to attend this debate. Unfortunately he made that decision back when he was 10 points ahead in the polls from his nearest competitor. Thanks to a particularly false and trashy campaign by the ruling party (PAN), that is no longer true. Big mistake. They even left and empty chair and podium fo rhim. What fuckers, haha.

  • Madrazo (PRI) looked desperate. His voice was squeaky and false. Granted, I hate his guts, but he looked weak.

  • Calderón (PAN) looked pretty composed and cool. Pretty much in control and very much the leader in the polls. Dickhead.

  • Campa, who the hell is he? Oh, a puppet for Elba Esther Gordillo. Yawn. He speaks pretty well (or just has a really loud voice and makes overly dramatic pauses in his speech.

  • Patricia Mercado, oh yeah, the chic. Good for her. She looks all lawyer-like and smart. Yawn.

  • Ha! Madrazo is peeking at his notes in between his talking. LOSER!

  • Ha! WhatsHisName is also doing it! LOSER! (I meant Campa)

  • Wow, that Mercado lady is quite the progressive liberal. Cool. Yawn.

  • Calderón still looks pretty cool and composed. Asshole.

  • It's soooo cool how they're all calling their names and attacking each other. Except that Mercado lady, she's so boring that way.

  • Ha! Madrazo pulled out a video saying it's evidence! PLEASE! That could be last night's telenovela for all we know!

  • Ha! Calderón pulls put a photo of Madrazo's million-dollar Miami condo's... much better mud-throwing. Asshole.

  • Who is that Campa guy anyway?

  • COOL! That Mercado chic mentioned the water problem in Tijuana and Mexicali! WOO-HOO!

  • Is it just me, or is it that everytime it's Madrazo's turn to speak, he starts by taking a jab at someone, then getting to topic. LOSER!

  • Ok, Calderón does it too. But not everytime. Classy. Sort of. Shithead.

  • Look, Campa took ALL of his time to slam Madrazo. Dirty, but cool.

  • And the Mercado chich says nothing about anybody esle. Classier. Boring, but classier.

  • Hey, Calderón just praised Mercado's ideas. Praise for another candiate? Weird.

  • Hey, Madrazo just praised Mercado's ideas. Praise for another candiate? Weird. I guess she's just no threat.

  • OH MY GAD!!! Mercado just mentioned gay marriage as the only path to equal rights in this country, this woman is a GOD!!! (err, goddess?)

  • Ending arguments. Yawn.

After almost no deliberation, I decided that Patricia Mercado is my candidate. Problem is that with less than 3% of the vote, she has absolutely NO chances of winning. Dammit. Should this make me not vote for her? But what if I think she's the best one. What to do?!?!?! What a dilemma! To be continued...

Movies, movies

Monday, April 24, 2006

Saw two very different flicks this weekend. Here are some thoughts.

First, I saw Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Yes, I missed this while it was in theaters, and I'm probably the only person in North America who has not seen it by now. And with everyone telling me it was by far the best of the last three flicks, I was a little sorry I missed it. Well, after seeing it, that sorrow faded away. Mind you, I saw it in a pirated DVD copy my cousin lent me, so I probably missed most of the production values, which were probably the stronger points of the film (even though they weren't even good enough to warrant an Oscar nod, ouch). The story is actually interesting, sort of. SPOILER: Basically, Annakin becomes Darth Vader because he's afraid that his wife will die in child birth. Ok, sort of convincing. Sorta. It's completely spoiled by that Annakin guy's complete lack of talent (who the hell hired him? tell me George Lucas is really gay and thought he was hot, PLEASE!... btw, he is hot). But in all honesty, during the scenes when they're killing off all of the Jedi knights, I for once felt a small tingle of emotion, something that had eluded me during the entire first two films (other than boredom). Natalie Portman is fine, but sans great costumes and hair do's, I almost forgot she was in the movie. In fact, I forgot most of it about am hour later. Not a worthy prequel to any of the classic Star Wards flicks.

What if I told you there was a movie with Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Marlene Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Judy Garland, Montgomery Clift... and even William Shatner! "No way!" you say? Well, there is, and it's called Judgment at Nuremberg. It's a pretty good movie. It's about some of the war crimes tribunals held after WWII in Germany to try old Nazi party members. It's quite interesting how they analyze what guilt and innocence really mean, and how really nobody could ever have imagined the attrocities and horrors that Hitler and the war would bring (or could they have???). The performances by Tracy (Oscar nominated), Garland (Oscar nominated), Schell (Oscar winner), and Clift are especially worhwhile. A great classic flick. Yes, it clocks in at 3 hrs, but even if it's a little slow at times, it's a wonderful movie. And who knew William Shatner was so damn hot when he was younger? (It's just something about a man in uniform that makes get all... nasty).

Drama, drama

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Being back home is always elightening. Waking up late and eating a whole bunch is always great. I have a lot of time to think and reflect. Which is usually good. Usually.

I went to the library and got a whole bunch of books. I LOVE the San Diego Public Library system. And I love the San Diego State University Library even MORE. They're responsible for a great part of my education. In fact, I love the whole concept of libraries. I mean there you have them, thousans upon thousands of books... FOR FREE! What an amazing concept. Add to that dozens of original broadway cast album CD's! WOW! Education and culture for the masses. And all you need is a fucking library card. Cool.

Anyways, I went and took out a whole bunch of plays. I love reading drama and trying to imagine what a production would be like. In my training to become a brilliant playwright, Edward Albee advised I should just plain read more drama. So I am. It's quite wonderful to read a good play. Seeing one is even better. There is nothing quite like taking in a live show. Performing arts, when done well, are electric, magical, astonishing. Which is how I felt last week.

I saw a play called The Pillowman. It's by Martin McDonagh. I can't even begin to describe how amazingly macabre, horrifying and disturbing this play was. I absolutely LOVED it. This is what great drama can be. Imaginative, crazy, wreckleslly creative, shocking, ugly, beautiful, tender and ferocious. I sincerely wish I could write shit this good.

A belated quote

Friday, April 21, 2006

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
swimming in a fish bowl,
year after year,
running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears,
wish you were here.

-Pink Floyd, Wish you were here


Thursday, April 20, 2006

I've been away a while. Lotsa stuff happend. I mean LOTS. First of all, I left my job. I also moved. Yes, I left Vallarta. I packed up all my stuff, sold or gave away the rest and moved away. What a world. I'm now back in my hometown of Tijuana! Hoo-ray! I love being at home and doing nothing. The sad part is that I love it for about two weeks. Then I don't love it that much anymore. From the looks of things, I'll have to be here for a little while longer. Oh well...

My last week in Vallarta was CRAZE-EE! SurferChic had some friends visiting and they were gay and hot (one called P, the other Shorty). And I slept with one of them. I love SurferChic, haha.

Her friend P was actually a really nice guy. He had become recently single (a bad breakup actually), so he was there for the taking (and I took!). His skin was beautiful and brown, he was really tall, his swimmer's back was enormous, he had a wicked and witty sense of humor, and he was as also as gentle as a mouse (but horny as a lion). I adored him. He reminded me of... of... well, of another time, when happiness and love were much more familiar feelings.

We went out one night and left P's friend Shorty at the club. When he came in later that night (like at 4am!) Shorty asked me if he could bring in a guy he had met. I was a little surprised (just a little, he seemed pretty slutty) but said "Sure, whatever". Then, since I was awake, I had to hear them suck and fuck in the living room. This was actually really hot since Shorty has a really great body. See, having houseguests is the best! ;) We even went on the boat of some guy SurferCHic knew. It was great riding across the bay, snorkeling, visiting Yelapa, and just taking in the sun. The damn engine stalled in the way back, but we were rescued and got it fixed before sundown... almost! haha.

A friend of mine from TJ was in PV that week, and he stayed at my apartment. Unfortunately, so did two other of Mr. Ewing's friends , so we had a full house. I sold my bed and they came to pick it up, so suddenly I was left without a place to sleep! Luckily, The Talented Mr. Ewing left for the weekend and I slept in his bed. Yum. I thought Mr. Ewings's friends would take it, but they weren't a couple, they were just a lesbian chich and a gay guy (who was not as cute or witty as P, haha). Eventually P and Shorty got their apartment, so the house was less full, thank goodness! (And I had to travel to the other damn apartment to fuck... oh well).

On my last evening in PV, my boss took me out to dinner with about 10 other people, including my TJ bud! Ha! They all tricked me and we went to this restaurant high in the hills with a spectacular view of the entire bay! Wow! The service was terrible and the food so-so, but the VIEW! WOW! Hahaha. It was a nice gesture. I sure will miss my boss. A swell guy, a great engineer and a fantastic mentor.

A friend from MTY arrived on Thursday evening (my last in PV) and we went out and had a good time. P was very weird that night; he had been kind of melancholy the whole week whenever I mentioned I would be leaving. He asked me to stay; he asked that if he moved to PV, if I would stay too... I said no. He was a dear, really, and I thought he was hot. But I didn't like him THAT mcuh, haha. Sorry. So, whilst P was acting all weird and giving me the cold shoulder, I partied the night away with my MTY bud and SurferCHic and her friends.

The next morning, OY! There is just no more shame! Seriously! Let me walk you through the timeline...

7:00pm - Dinner with boss and friends
9:30pm - Goodbye's and last-minute packing
10:00pm - Friend from TJ goes off with another bud of his in PV, says he'll stay the night there. Cool.
11pm-1am- Packing
1:00am - Off to the club...ON FOOT! Vallarta was so crazy, it was impossible to get a cab. INSANE!
1:30am - Arrive at club. Meet SurferChic and her friends fromt he apartment. See some lame-ass transvestite show from DF. Yawn. Is that hip-hop on the other dance floor??? COOL!
2:00am - P arrives, but acts all weird and is not much fun. What a shame. Then gives me clod shoulder. Asshole!.
2:30am - Friend from MTY arrives. Talk, drink and chat with him. Fun, fun, fun.
4:30am - Germy calls it a night. EVERYBODY else stays. Geez. Germy goes for some last-night-in-Vallarta tacos. YUM.
5:00am - Germy is in his apartment and interrupts lesbian sex going on un the Talented Mr. Ewings room. Oops. Guess it's the living room for me tonight (since my bed was long gone).

10:00am - Germy's friend from TJ arrives, wakes Germy up.
10:02am - SurferCHic and Mr. Ewings gay friend arrive. AT FUCKING 10 AM!!! GEEZ! And they were fresh as lettuces. FUCKERS!
10:30am - Mr. Ewing's lesbian friend emerges from the bedroom and we all laugh and talk about the details of the night before.
11:00am - My TJ bud and me go to have breakfast as the others collapse into much needed sleep.
11:45am - I tell my TJ friend that I'm gay and that for the last couple of nights he's been the only straight guy in the apartment, haha. He takes it really well and all is happy.
11:50am - My TJ bud confesses that while we were out clubbing, him and his PV friend went to a strip club. Ewww. And that they took home two strippers. Double ewww. And that midway through the night, they switched girls. YUCK. There is no more shame.
12:45pm - Germy heads for the airport. Goodbye SurferCHic, sniff, sniff, goodbye everybody else.
3:20pm - Goodbye Vallarta!

Oh, ok...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now I know why Hugo Chavez is "bad". Venezuela now has the world's largest oil reserve. Even bigger than Saudi Arabia. And everyone else on Earth put together. And Venezuela doesn't want to lower oil prices.

That explains a lot.

A quote

...democracy works best when it is homegrown, not when it is imposed on a nation by outsiders.

-DeWayne Wickham

Bush must face reality of force-fed democracy - Yahoo! News

A monologue

Here in America we have freedom,
to say what we want, be what we want,
to decide what happens in our country…
and we even get to decide what happens in other people’s countries.

God bless America,
God bless the Iroquois, the Cherokee,
the natives of this land,
they were here before the pilgrims,
hey, the first illegal aliens!

-Sarah Jones, Bridge & Tunnel

UPATE: Here's a great video clip of this one-woman show. A riot.

Pretty music

Monday, April 03, 2006

La 5ª Estación. Acústico.
I first heard this band when I arrived in PV last year. I was blown away by the girl's fantastic voice (the group is Mexican but she's Spanish). Their pop tunes where full of life and terribly hummable. It had been a long time since I had heard pop music this good (in Spanish at least). Highly recommended, especially since it's accoustic, you get to really appreciate these guys as the real musicians they are. The best? "Daría", "El sol no regresa", "Niña", "Algo más". Duh.

Bebé. Pafuera telarañas.
My roomie SurferChick recommended this CD to me. Wow, I was impressed. This girl sings with heartbreaking honesty. Another Spaniard, yes, but her singing is a completely different from 5th Station above. Bebé brings an urban vibe, vulgarity and raunchiness to her songs that make them irresistible. I love "Ella", "Con mis manos"(!!!), "Malo", "Siete horas". A great album.

Simply Opera Voices.
Callas, Domingo, Pavarotti, Carreras. What else could you ask for? Here they are singing some of the most exquisite opera arias ever. I know, how gay is THAT? Haha. Anyways, it's a wonderful CD and it's incredibly cheap (Amazon didn't even have a photo for it, geez, haha). Their loss... our gain. Wonderful.