Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finally got around to seeing this movie. Great flick. I especially liked the stories involving Sandra Bullock and the Latin and Persian guy. Cool. Very original stories about a very overdone subject: racism. I also liked the fact that they showed how black people aren't the only ones discriminated against. All minorities get it.

It's an especially nasty film, it shows very curde and blunt examples of everyday prejudices. The verbal abuse that goes on, especially at the beginning of the film, is quite upsetting (at least if you're a minority).

You know, I realize now that it's a little sad that this movie's Best Picture win was cast in doubt because of Brokeback Mountain. Don't get me wrong, Germy is still the Rainbow Mercenary he's always tried to be, but Crash is a good movie. It didn't win it's Best Picture Oscar for nothing.

But.. still, with such an explosive and racially charged movie like Crash... isn't it ironic that everyone made such a big fuss about a quiet, simple and sad love story? Nobody banned Crash from any movie theaters, nobody was as shocked by Crash as they were by Brokeback. Indeed, what a world...


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