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Saturday, April 29, 2006

... Andy Samberg!

As usual, old Germy was surfin' through the Blogosphere and he stumbled upon a viral video being served up by the ubiquitous YouTube. It was a Saturday Night Live sketch making fun of gangster raps. Germy loves SNL, so he happily viewed it. It was called "Lazy Sunday". Even though this video was a HUGE hit, I was not really that impressed. Well, I was, but not by the video or the lyrics, but by one of the performers. He was none other than Andy Samberg, this week's hottie o' my heart. He looks so hot in this video, especially when they're ridding in the back seat of the car just groovin'.

I don't know what it is exclude about him that just make me wanna... shake. Could it be his strong jaw line? His thick and strong neck? His winning smile? His broad shoulders? And from the looks of it, he has a nice bod. I can't point my finger at it, but he just exudes sensuality. Does he like guys or girls? I dunno, you tell me. HA!

He later came out in the (MUCH MORE HILARIOUS) Natalie Portman rap sketch. It was a just a mini cameo, but he still looks goofy and really hot in that Viking outfit. Yum. I don't know, but I sure do value guys who make me laugh. And are hot. Like Andy. Yum.

He actually got his start doing video parodies on the Internet. That's how he got the job on SNL and now he's used the underlying power of the web to launch his superstardom. Yum. I just think he's dreamy. Be still my heart!!!


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