One candidate to rule them all

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yes, we have presidential elections coming up in Mexico soon. And we had our first presidential debate last night. Here are the highlights (according to Germy):

  • AMLO decided not to attend this debate. Unfortunately he made that decision back when he was 10 points ahead in the polls from his nearest competitor. Thanks to a particularly false and trashy campaign by the ruling party (PAN), that is no longer true. Big mistake. They even left and empty chair and podium fo rhim. What fuckers, haha.

  • Madrazo (PRI) looked desperate. His voice was squeaky and false. Granted, I hate his guts, but he looked weak.

  • Calderón (PAN) looked pretty composed and cool. Pretty much in control and very much the leader in the polls. Dickhead.

  • Campa, who the hell is he? Oh, a puppet for Elba Esther Gordillo. Yawn. He speaks pretty well (or just has a really loud voice and makes overly dramatic pauses in his speech.

  • Patricia Mercado, oh yeah, the chic. Good for her. She looks all lawyer-like and smart. Yawn.

  • Ha! Madrazo is peeking at his notes in between his talking. LOSER!

  • Ha! WhatsHisName is also doing it! LOSER! (I meant Campa)

  • Wow, that Mercado lady is quite the progressive liberal. Cool. Yawn.

  • Calderón still looks pretty cool and composed. Asshole.

  • It's soooo cool how they're all calling their names and attacking each other. Except that Mercado lady, she's so boring that way.

  • Ha! Madrazo pulled out a video saying it's evidence! PLEASE! That could be last night's telenovela for all we know!

  • Ha! Calderón pulls put a photo of Madrazo's million-dollar Miami condo's... much better mud-throwing. Asshole.

  • Who is that Campa guy anyway?

  • COOL! That Mercado chic mentioned the water problem in Tijuana and Mexicali! WOO-HOO!

  • Is it just me, or is it that everytime it's Madrazo's turn to speak, he starts by taking a jab at someone, then getting to topic. LOSER!

  • Ok, Calderón does it too. But not everytime. Classy. Sort of. Shithead.

  • Look, Campa took ALL of his time to slam Madrazo. Dirty, but cool.

  • And the Mercado chich says nothing about anybody esle. Classier. Boring, but classier.

  • Hey, Calderón just praised Mercado's ideas. Praise for another candiate? Weird.

  • Hey, Madrazo just praised Mercado's ideas. Praise for another candiate? Weird. I guess she's just no threat.

  • OH MY GAD!!! Mercado just mentioned gay marriage as the only path to equal rights in this country, this woman is a GOD!!! (err, goddess?)

  • Ending arguments. Yawn.

After almost no deliberation, I decided that Patricia Mercado is my candidate. Problem is that with less than 3% of the vote, she has absolutely NO chances of winning. Dammit. Should this make me not vote for her? But what if I think she's the best one. What to do?!?!?! What a dilemma! To be continued...


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