Thursday, April 20, 2006

I've been away a while. Lotsa stuff happend. I mean LOTS. First of all, I left my job. I also moved. Yes, I left Vallarta. I packed up all my stuff, sold or gave away the rest and moved away. What a world. I'm now back in my hometown of Tijuana! Hoo-ray! I love being at home and doing nothing. The sad part is that I love it for about two weeks. Then I don't love it that much anymore. From the looks of things, I'll have to be here for a little while longer. Oh well...

My last week in Vallarta was CRAZE-EE! SurferChic had some friends visiting and they were gay and hot (one called P, the other Shorty). And I slept with one of them. I love SurferChic, haha.

Her friend P was actually a really nice guy. He had become recently single (a bad breakup actually), so he was there for the taking (and I took!). His skin was beautiful and brown, he was really tall, his swimmer's back was enormous, he had a wicked and witty sense of humor, and he was as also as gentle as a mouse (but horny as a lion). I adored him. He reminded me of... of... well, of another time, when happiness and love were much more familiar feelings.

We went out one night and left P's friend Shorty at the club. When he came in later that night (like at 4am!) Shorty asked me if he could bring in a guy he had met. I was a little surprised (just a little, he seemed pretty slutty) but said "Sure, whatever". Then, since I was awake, I had to hear them suck and fuck in the living room. This was actually really hot since Shorty has a really great body. See, having houseguests is the best! ;) We even went on the boat of some guy SurferCHic knew. It was great riding across the bay, snorkeling, visiting Yelapa, and just taking in the sun. The damn engine stalled in the way back, but we were rescued and got it fixed before sundown... almost! haha.

A friend of mine from TJ was in PV that week, and he stayed at my apartment. Unfortunately, so did two other of Mr. Ewing's friends , so we had a full house. I sold my bed and they came to pick it up, so suddenly I was left without a place to sleep! Luckily, The Talented Mr. Ewing left for the weekend and I slept in his bed. Yum. I thought Mr. Ewings's friends would take it, but they weren't a couple, they were just a lesbian chich and a gay guy (who was not as cute or witty as P, haha). Eventually P and Shorty got their apartment, so the house was less full, thank goodness! (And I had to travel to the other damn apartment to fuck... oh well).

On my last evening in PV, my boss took me out to dinner with about 10 other people, including my TJ bud! Ha! They all tricked me and we went to this restaurant high in the hills with a spectacular view of the entire bay! Wow! The service was terrible and the food so-so, but the VIEW! WOW! Hahaha. It was a nice gesture. I sure will miss my boss. A swell guy, a great engineer and a fantastic mentor.

A friend from MTY arrived on Thursday evening (my last in PV) and we went out and had a good time. P was very weird that night; he had been kind of melancholy the whole week whenever I mentioned I would be leaving. He asked me to stay; he asked that if he moved to PV, if I would stay too... I said no. He was a dear, really, and I thought he was hot. But I didn't like him THAT mcuh, haha. Sorry. So, whilst P was acting all weird and giving me the cold shoulder, I partied the night away with my MTY bud and SurferCHic and her friends.

The next morning, OY! There is just no more shame! Seriously! Let me walk you through the timeline...

7:00pm - Dinner with boss and friends
9:30pm - Goodbye's and last-minute packing
10:00pm - Friend from TJ goes off with another bud of his in PV, says he'll stay the night there. Cool.
11pm-1am- Packing
1:00am - Off to the club...ON FOOT! Vallarta was so crazy, it was impossible to get a cab. INSANE!
1:30am - Arrive at club. Meet SurferChic and her friends fromt he apartment. See some lame-ass transvestite show from DF. Yawn. Is that hip-hop on the other dance floor??? COOL!
2:00am - P arrives, but acts all weird and is not much fun. What a shame. Then gives me clod shoulder. Asshole!.
2:30am - Friend from MTY arrives. Talk, drink and chat with him. Fun, fun, fun.
4:30am - Germy calls it a night. EVERYBODY else stays. Geez. Germy goes for some last-night-in-Vallarta tacos. YUM.
5:00am - Germy is in his apartment and interrupts lesbian sex going on un the Talented Mr. Ewings room. Oops. Guess it's the living room for me tonight (since my bed was long gone).

10:00am - Germy's friend from TJ arrives, wakes Germy up.
10:02am - SurferCHic and Mr. Ewings gay friend arrive. AT FUCKING 10 AM!!! GEEZ! And they were fresh as lettuces. FUCKERS!
10:30am - Mr. Ewing's lesbian friend emerges from the bedroom and we all laugh and talk about the details of the night before.
11:00am - My TJ bud and me go to have breakfast as the others collapse into much needed sleep.
11:45am - I tell my TJ friend that I'm gay and that for the last couple of nights he's been the only straight guy in the apartment, haha. He takes it really well and all is happy.
11:50am - My TJ bud confesses that while we were out clubbing, him and his PV friend went to a strip club. Ewww. And that they took home two strippers. Double ewww. And that midway through the night, they switched girls. YUCK. There is no more shame.
12:45pm - Germy heads for the airport. Goodbye SurferCHic, sniff, sniff, goodbye everybody else.
3:20pm - Goodbye Vallarta!


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