En pointe

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I went with my mom to the ballet last night (I know, how unpretentious). It was Giselle. The local opera company put it on and it was at the exact same theater were I saw the exact same ballet 17 years ago (wow, now I feel old). I remebered that me and my brother had had a tap recital on the same evening and stayed to see the big ballet with (Russian trained) Cuban dancers.

I've never been a huge ballet freak, but there's just something almost entrancing about a ballerina en-pointe. She just looks amazing. The grace, the agility, the strength, the magic. She's floating, and it's just so beautiful.

At the ballet, I recalled scenes that became stuck in my mind so long ago. Giselle rising from the dead to dance under the moonlight; her love coming to visit her grave and encountering her ghost. There's this point when all the ghost ballerinas line up in a diagonal line across the stage and "kill" the "bad guy". The moment is quite thrilling and frightening at the same time. He goes rolling away and they simply cast him off to his death.

Then, after a lot more dancing, they prepare to kill off Giselle's guy; they all line up again and are ready to take him out. The moment is tension as pure as any the stage has ever scene (and there are no words, people!). Your stomach tightens up, you're scared. Then, Giselle pleads to the ghost queen to spare her fiancee, and they do. When sunlight appears, Giselle disappears into the mist and leaves her love forever. Curtain.

Now THAT'S a damn good show.


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