Germy goes American Idol

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I have NEVER regularly seen American idol. Frankly, I had never been around long enough. I was either at university or in Central Mexico working, without much access to Fox TV. Until now. Hurray!

Since I got here to TJ I've been seeing it regularly. I've always enjoyed the show. It's not just a lame old reality TV show. It's a showcase for genuinely talented people to show their stuff on national television. There have been some wildly amazing singers on and seeing them (however briefly) had been amazing. I'm a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, btw. I was mesmerized by Fantasia (her rendition of Summertime is fucking legendary), puzzled by Clay, bored by Ruben (sorry, haha), enthralled by Carrie and just blown away by Kelly. Great show.

Now, it's finally come down to the final two of Season Five. Yowzers! I was rooting for the ├╝ber-hunk Ace, but he was voted off right after I arrived in town. Then I was a total freak for Paris Bennett, the 16 year old with the huge voice, but she got booted off a couple weeks later. Fuck. Now my last hope has made it to the final in the shape of power belter Katharine McPhee. Not only is she hot, she's beautiful and has an extraordinarily powerful voice. So much so in fact, that she sometimes has trouble harnessing it to full effect and sometimes comes off as "too much". But when she gets it just right, wow.

Her competition is way-too-old-looking Taylor Hicks. He may look pretty harmless and dances like an idiot, but he's got an Ace up his sleeve: he's likeable. Not that Katharine is not, but this guys is incredibly likeable. I'm talking Bill Clinton likeable. And that's very dangerous. He sings ok, and has even got this idiotic Soul Patrol fan club behind him. But he does NOT deserve to be the next American Idol!!!

I'm not sure who's everyone is gonna vote for, but I'm hoping for McPhee. I mean she is clearly the most marketable of the two, the most versatile and the sexiest/prettiest. Give me a break! Come next week, I'll be tuned in to see the results!

Go Katharine!!!


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