Friday, May 12, 2006

This post is for that lady who gave birth to me. I wrote it earlier, but was too busy actually celebrating Mother's Day to post it.

This is for the lady who in spite of starting to hit her sixties, can still show me what being open-minded and non-judgmental is really about. Sucka.

For the lady who loves me so much she happily nags at me 24/7.

For the lady who probably worries about me everyday because I'm gay, and has been pretty much cool about it in spite.

For the lady who knows The Ex, the love of my life (asshole), knows the place he holds in my heart, and respects and supports that.

For the lady who has cheered me on when I've succeeded, and comforted me when I've failed. And has only been as strict as she is with herself.

For the lady who has a fucking seventh sense for trouble, and usually goes out of her way to rid me of it. And has an uncanny "witch-like" ability to guess the (usually hidden) truth based on completely incorrect assumptions.

For the lady who made me love libraries, and claims it was because she was writing her Masters thesis while she was pregnant with me and my bro.

For the lady who has made me who I am today, every little bit. I love you.


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