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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ok, I'd about had it with George Lucas milking the Star Wars series of films for all they're worth. First he made one in th 70's. It was good. He made another, also good, but didn't make sense without a THIRD film! Ha! All three were pretty good. Lotsa money.

Then, he makes more movies in the 80's (i.e. Indiana Jones, et. al.) and they all make TONS of dough! THEN, in 1997 he re-releases the first three Star Wars movies in theater and adds the sub-par shit he originally cut out, brighter laser blasts and a bigger explosion and the end.. err, I mean "inserted scenes and improved special effects". And made MORE money off of them.

Then he made the real "first three" films in the trilogy (Episodes I, II and III). They ALL sucked, but made a lot of money anyways. Go figure.

Then, in 2004 he released the "definitive digitally enhanced" versions of the "last three movies" (Episodes IV, V, VI) on DVD. And again, you guessed it, made lotsa money.

Now... they're re-releasing on DVD the "original theatrical versions" of the last three episodes (IV, V, VI) BEFORE they were digitally restored. And they cost $30 USD a piece. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! Don't you have enough money, George Lucas?

Yes, I know, as long as there are schmucks out there willing to pay more money to see old-new-old-old versions of your original three good films, why not take their money. But, there's just something wrong about it. Maybe it's just me... maybe it's just crazy old Germy... yeah, it must be me.


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