Monday, May 29, 2006

*WARNING: Spoliers ahead*

Ok, I FINALLY saw X-Men: The last stand. It was about time. It came out on Friday and I finally saw it on Sunday afternoon. FYI: It set box office records for a Memorial Day Weekend opening in the US. Was it just because of the higher ticket prices or did more people actually see it? It woulde be nice to see box office figrues reported in actual attendance. Maybe that would be more informative about a movie's success.

But then the more the population grows, the bigger the numbers, right?. Sheesh. Maybe it would be better to report a percentage of the movie-going public that saw the film? Any other ideas?

Well, what can I say, the movie has the mutants, the mutant-powers, the cheesy lines and lots of action. What more could you want? Well, for starters, a longer running time and a better sotry. I felt as thought lots of characters were given really little time (i.e. Rougue, angel guy, etc.). I know you can only put so much stuff in a film, but this one clocked in at a mere 104min. Come on! The last one was a whopping 133min! (While the first one, being a first in a possible franchise, was a conservative 103min). Seriously, why not make the damn film longer? You don't need to spend as much? People will go anyway? FUCK YOU, then!

Ok, now the story. Yes, the whole "Phoenix" saga is hard to put into a single film, but the "new facts" about Jean Grey that were all brought into this film "all of a sudden" were quite cheap. Granted, the scene at her house is REALLY cool, but the excuse of her "having another personality" just didn't completely stick with me. After that amazing sequence, the movie pretty much never really recuperates (except for that neat Golden Gate bridge sequence).

And what gives with the bald kid, huh? Yes, he shows up for like 3 seconds, they go in, they save him. Then?!?!?! I so totally thought he would be more integral to the action, like the other freak mutant in the second film... hmmm maybe thay wanted to avoid that again... well, then they should have avoided the same damn plotline alltogether and made the entire movie about the Phoenix... oh, whatever.

It was seriously disturbing to see so many X-MEN byte the big one in this film, but, well, all those actors probably wanted more money or something and with Hally Berry and Hugh Jackman such big stars now, the films must be getting mighty expensive. That and the fact that Jean Grey looked like Cyclops' fucking MOTHER for crying out loud! Geez! Who the hell cast these people! Hahaha.


  • At May 29, 2006 5:49 PM, Blogger SJES said…

    My thoughts exactly. My feelings afterwards were "ok. popcorn entertainment. not the best, but ok".

    Thumbs up for the golden gate sequence, the clever use of each mutant's powers and (at least for me) the shocking deaths of several "high ranked" mutants.

    Thumbs down for the whole plot concerning "the cure"...and the arch story of the guy with feathers. Come on! (Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler) The whole "him saving his dad" was waaaay to much. And did you got the feeling that Rogue's motivations for the cure were not love, but rather jelousy? I somehow thought the whole plot "he's flirting with someone else" were not necessary to the plot.

    Anyways...I was thinking...We're down to May...and I haven't seen any movie and thinking "God...that's a movie/acting/directing oscar-caliber performance". Last year we had some by this month...and now...nothing.


  • At May 29, 2006 6:03 PM, Blogger DramaKing said…

    Yes, I know, it's definitely the weakest of the three films. Oh well.

    And the Angel guy's story could have been greatly expanded, and they could have had him becoming an official X-Men (in one of the posters they ahve him wearing an X-Men suit). And the whole Rougue storyline goes nowhere at all! She lost her powers... so?!?! You know what would have been cool? For Rogue to have NOT been "cured" and had appeared to help the X-Men in their fight againts Magnet/Jean. Then, in some clever way, she would suck the power out of some bad mutant and get those really cool flying abbilities she has in the comix books. Now THAT would have been cool.

    Also... having a sentinel actually appear completely in the Danger Room sequence would have ROCKED. They just show his glowing eyes and his severed head. SUCKS! Not enough money??? OH PLEASE!

    Germy has spoken!!!



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