I'm on my way...

Friday, June 16, 2006

I got my flight ready, my apartment, my car... sweet, huh? I leave Sunday, and on Monday I start a whole new chapter in my life. Yeah, I know, it's just a new job. But it's in a new country and I think many new opportunities will come because of this. At least I hope so.

Wish me luck. I'm really excited, and a little scared too. New beginnings are always like that I guess. Cheers!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yes, Germy is back in TJ. I arrived Monday evening, and my luggage arrived Wednesday morning. Yes, thank you Aeromexico, I shall never use you again. It was a fantastic trip, I got to see and chat with so many wonderful people and have some genuine good fun.

I got to talk to one of my favorite teachers, tell her all about my new job and upcoming move to USA; she also chatted about how things were going at the school, how enrollment has dipped, how the dean still sucks, etc. What a great lady, seeing her is a real treat. And I got to buy her lunch (and since she's not my teacher anymore, it's not sucking up! ha!). I saw my cousin who after quite a few years in Uni looks like she'll finally graduate next year. Cool. We had a few laughs and a bunch of beers together. Good times.

I got to see lots of old friends. They were SO much fun, seriously. I even presented some girls I knew from school to Serge, and we all went out to some guy's birthday bash and had a great time. It turns one girl even grew up in the same neighborhood as Serge ("La Linda, weeeee") and they all got along swimmingly. I must admit, the alcohol helped, haha.

Then my queer buddies all got together to see the Tony Awards (I know, how gay is that, haha). It was so much fun to act so unabashedly gay in great queer company. The effeminate form of expression among men is something that used to make me uncomfortable. Now, I'm so good at it and used to it, I've heard I even make other people uncomfortable, ha! Anyways, it was great fun being with "the girls". And there's this one guy, a new friend of Serge's... oh my. First, I just thought he was hot. Then, after talking with him, I found out he was also witty, smart, funny, etc. Oh my. What a dreamboat.

Anyways, MTY as usual was a blast. I hope to return in the near future. Probably not this year, but soon.

I'll leave you with a clip from last Sunday's Tony Awards. It's from the Drowsy Chaperone (they were robbed by Jersey Boys!!!!). It shows one of my favorite Broadway actresses, Sutton Foster. In this clip, she gets to really "Show off" her voice and dancing. I saw her live in NYC in her Tony-winning role in Thoroughly Modern Millie. She was really good. In this clip, she's fucking fantastic. Enjoy.

Why I LOVE my mommy

My mom's car got crashed yesterday while she was driving in downtonw. No, it wasn't serious or anything, just a nasty scratch on one side of the car. Anyways, the woman who crashed into my mom had absolutely NO idea who she was dealing with. Read on.

Right after hitting my mom, the woman made an obscene gesture and fled the scene. Yes, she crashed into a 60 year old woman's car while said woman woman was alone inside and fled. What a bitch. There are seriously no more morals in society.

Needless to say, it was a big mistake. My mom sped up and followed her and when they reached a red light, my mom got out of her car (in the middle of downtown!) and started screaming her head off to this woman. The bitch still made obscene gestures and ignored her. Another big mistake.

My mom continued to follow her in her car all over downtown and was determined to nail her ass on to the wall. She said the woman sped up to try to loose her, but my mom sped up just as fast and was like 20cm from her car the whole time.

Finally the woman pulled into a private parking lot and my mom parked right in front of her car so she would not be able to get away. When the poor woman got out she met a tsunami of rage and screaming (I've seen it in the past and shudder at the memory). At first the bitch insisted it was my mom's fault (another HUGE mistake, it only fed the flames), but suddenly her cocky confidence quickly faded when my mom started threatening to call the police and have her ass thrown in jail for fleeing the scene. My mom made up that my dad was some hot-shot lawyer and that she'd have the woman put in the slammer without a hearing or anything. The stupid bitch finally apologized and pleaded with my mom to not call the cops, she said she'd pay the damages. At this point the people from her job started noticing the commotion. The security guard and manager of the store tried calming my mother down, to not much avail.

My mom made the woman sign a confession and made the manager and security guard sign as witnesses and took a photocopy of the woman's driver's license. Hoo-ray for my mommy. What was the best part? The woman was so fucking scared my mom had to dictate the confession letter to her. The second best part? After my mom agreed not to call the police and got the letter and license, she went straight to the police department and turned the bitch in. That's why I LOVE my mom. Yes, I'm scared of her, but I LOVE her and I'm GLAD she's on my side.

Fun fact

Friday, June 09, 2006

If you have to travel this month to Pittsburgh because of work, there's a very high probability that you're one of Germy's ex-boyfriends. Weird, huh? Are they holding a conference or something? Is it a plot against me? Am I way too self-centered? So many questions! So little answers!

Monterrey, hey, hey, hey

Germy is in MTY!!! I know, I'm as surprised as you are. Well, things have been quite hectic these past couple of days. I finally got my US working visa! Hoo-ray! It was a ll a lot easier and much more effortless than I ever imagined. Now it seems I'm finally on my way.

I hurt my foot while I was shoe shopping, it was terrible. My footsie hurt soooo much, and I just kept on walking and walking. It was crazy. But I bought some really pretty shoes that I'll hopefully wear to my brother's wedding. Wow.

MTY is as cool as ever. And as hot (weather-wise) as ever. Yuk. Only once have I ever been here in June and it was horrible! Now, thanks to my pal R, I'm staying at an air-conditioned apartment in a BEE-U-TIFUL and exclusive part of town. Very nice. I went to have dinner with Serge yesterday, and as always it was a joy to see him. Seriously, good and pleasant conversation is so hard to find these days, you really appreciate it even more when it does come along. I'll be seeing some more friends this week. Serge is even holding a dinner party in my honor! Finally, my triumphant return to MTY-queer-society! HOO-RAY!!! hahaha. MTY for me is many things, but boring is not one of them.

I'm going back home on Monday and I'll hopefully be in Seattle a week or two later. Cheers!!!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Abstinence is fine for those who are able to abstain, but human beings like to have sex and they should not die because they do have sex.

-Hilary Benn, Britain's International Development Secretary
UN AIDS Conference