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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I known, I'm lame for not posting more often. But get off my case, I've had a lot of work and there's only so much Germy to go around. Anywyas, here are some updates:

-My brother got married!!! It totally turned into a 3-day wedding event down in southern Mexico. I actually had a really good time. Seeing old friends and family is always enjoyable. I made a very irreverent yet hilarious toast to the new couple (at least I thought so) and danced to the wee hour of the morning. The Ex was actually my date, so I had lots of sex too, which was also cool. More on that later. Seeing my brother married off produced mixed feelings. Of course I'm happy for him but I just feel that our relationship will never be the same again (because it won't, he's married now). And that makes me sad. And that's life.

-There's this new guy at work who I've sort taken under my wing. He's fresh out of school and bright-eyed and innocent. Awwwww. I predict that will be gone in like a year, ha! Anyways, I'm going to try to practice being a mentor for when I someday have people reporting to me. Oh, and there's this other new guy. He's really hot. There's just something I like about short stocky guys. Yum. More on that later.

-I participated in the Seattle AIDS Walk. I helped raise money and it was fun. I then went to one of the sponsors of the event (an eye-glass store) and spent $500 on some new Prada glasses. Oh, the sacrifices one makes for charity. Germy isn't normally one to drop brand names and say how much I spent on material things (like Psesito), but since my birthday is coming up, I thought I'd treat myself to something nice. And tell the world a bout it. Sue me.

-I've made a new friend. He's from Mexico city (chilango!) and he started working here about a month after me. Being new also has made us bond more and have more in common whereas hanging out with my brothers friends sometimes makes me feel like I don't really belong all the time. We hang out, go to lunch, give each other rides to the airport and what not. My brother even asked if we were going out and I was like "Umm, no." Just friends.


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