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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ok, summer came and went... and so did those summer movies. Here my take on what was hot and what was most definitely not.

The DaVinci Code:
I thought the book was fun. The movie? Well, even though it had the excellente Amelie (ak.a. Audrey Tattou), Tom Hanks, Ian Mackellen and Jean Renoir, it was, well, so-so. I mean it wasn't a bad movie, it was OK. Not a great movie, just a fun one. Sort of like the book. Hey, that means it's a near perfect book-to-screen transfer. Cool.

Pirates of the Caribbean II:
I have not yet seen the first one, but since Johnny Depp got an Oscar nomination for it, my interest was piqued. Sadly, this sequel is same-old, same-old. Nothing too special. Orlando Bloom is hot. Yawn. I actually forgot I had seen it, thank goodness I kept the ticket stub, haha. Sadly, this film has grossed over $400 million dollars in the US alone. That means we'll be getting more of this in the future. Thank you, brain-dead moviegoers. I still want to see the first one, though, to see what all this fuss is about.

The devil wears Prada:
The only reason I wanted to see this was to witness Meryl Streep be bitchy on screen. Well, she is. And that's about the highlight of the movie. This woman is amazing; the actual script was not. Nuff said.

Lady in the water:
I get really annoyed that M. Night Shyamalan insists on giving himself bigger and bigger roles in his own movies. It was cool when he made a cameo in Sixth Sense. It was weird when he became a supporting character in Signs (awful film, btw). I don't remember if he came out at all in The Village (I really liked this flick, btw, his best IMO). Now he returns as a secondary character in Lady in the Water. Yuck. But the film is actually semi-decent. Much better than Signs, although that's not saying much. I guess we all want to be totally wowed again by him like we were in Sixth Sense. It didn't happen. Lady is sort of OK-ish only.

Little Miss Sunshine:
I saw this film with the local gay group from my workplace. Going out with them was interesting. I commented how crappy the summer movies had been so far, and some of them balked and said they had really enjoyed Superman Returns and Pirates II. Geez, and I thought fags were supposed to be all artsy and cultured. My mistakes... what ever happened to good old-fashioned stereotypes. We went to see this movie after going all out to dinner and they all had a grand time, laughing their heads off. I thought it was alright, but felt I was being left out of a joke. I just didn't think it was either that funny or that good.

Talladega Nights: The ballad of Ricky Bobby
I won't even go too much into this. This film was lame. My brother dragged me to see it and I want my money back. There were like 2 or 3 good jokes, but nothing remotely memorable. It wasn't that funny or that inventive. WIll Ferrel rocks but the film was still lame. He's no Adam Sandler or Mike Myers.

Ok, this is why people hate musicals. This has got to be one of the worst films I've seen all year. Yuck. Incoherent plot, lame acting, the music was awful and the musical numbers were pretty lame also. An
d it was cheesy and predictable. Awful. There's this one part where the guy plays the girl this terrible song and she thinks it's so good she actualy starts crying. It was the most unintentionally hilarious cinematic moment I've seen all year.

The Covenant:
Yeah, this isn't exactly a summer movie anymore, but what the hell. It stars some insanely hot guys and I went along just to see them shirtless, sweaty and distressed. All in all I was not disappointed. Of course, the movie stank, but my expectations were set accordingly.

I passed on seeing Superman Returns, Miami Vice, Cars, Snakes on a plane, Flight 93, World Trade Center, Mission Impossible 3, Poseidon; and I don't regret it. And X-Men III was totally forgettable. Yawn. What a boring summer. Yawn.

I guess we'll all just have to wait for Dreamgirls to save the day.


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