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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I know my last post was pretty negative towards the film industry, so this post is one of redemption. There still are good movies being made. And I saw two of them in two straight days! Cool, huh? The sad part is that they were both made in 2005, but they're still good.

The first film is Imagine Me & You. This is quite frankly a lesbi-chic-flick. Yeah, I know, I wasn't really excited to see it, but some friends had it and there was frankly nothing better to do. Anyways, in spite of the lesbian subject matter, the film was actually a refreshing surprise. The dialogue was witty and fun, the characters were pretty well drawn out and believable, the story, if predictable (it was a chick-flick after all), ended up wining me over... and for a hard-core cynic like Germy to be won over, that's really saying something. Rent it, it's a genuine good time. Woo knew dykes could be so compelling?

The other movie I wanna recommend is Brick. Oh man, this movie was awesome. Thinking about it afterwards, it's pretty bizarre and even ridiculous. It's basically a 1940's crime-mystery/film noir flick set in a present-day high school in the US. I know, weird, huh? It brought back memois of the ludicrous Bugsy Malone film. But Brick just works, and it actually works quite well. I don't want to spoil it for you, so just take my word for it and rent it. It's at least a departure from everything else you've probably seen in a while (unless you just saw like The Maltese Falcon or something, haha). I definitely will be on the lookout for Rian Johnson's (the writer/director) next film...


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