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Friday, October 13, 2006

I know I haven't written in ages, I suck. Anyways, The Ex called me today and told me he had gotten mugged in London. Poor angel. Of course I wanted to hug him and comfort him, but, well, I'm really far away and that's not an option. It could be, but that decision doesn't concern me anymore.

Anyhow, I've been meaning to elaborate a little more about my relatonship with The Ex (or lack thereof). No, I'm not in a long-distance relationship with him (I'm not as crazy/brave as Psesito or Serge.... not anymore at least). We're not going steady, but he holds a special place in my heart that no other man has been able to fill.

This year we've seen eachother quite a few times already. We saw eachother for new years (did it in a seedy motel... SO cool!); he came over here to Seattle in june (doing it front of a full-length mirror is INCREDIBLY hot); he was my "date" for my brother's wedding in september (kicking your dad out of a hotel room in order to have sex with another man is more proof that there is just no more shame left on this planet! ha!). Our next meeting was supposed to take place in November at another wedding in Puebla, Mexico... but in the mugging he got his passport and visa stolen, so that plan might change. In any case, I guess I'd move up my planned trip to London from January to December...

"Just what the hell are you doing with this guy, Germy? What gives?" people have asked me. Gee, that's a very good question. The arrangement we have is actually really good right now. We get to occasionally fuck and snuggle, minus all the drama. Real down and dirty action, and cuddle time to boot. Who could ask for anything more??? Well, I could... but this is good enough... for now, at least. Cheers!


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