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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It seems like finally some decent movies are coming out this fall. I saw The Prestige the other day. Cool film. It's no work of art, but it's increasingly rare to see a well thought-out film with a lavish production and good performances. And Hugh Jackman is just insanely hot. And so is Christian Bale. Yum.

I heard Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe were splitting up. I say good; now me and Ryan can finally be together! Yum. That man is crazy-beautiful. And he has a fantastic ass. Btw, his wife literally stole the Oscar away this year from Felicity Huffman. I saw "Transamerica" a little while back, and Mrs. Huffman's performance is infinitely more complex and heartbreaking than the supporting role Whitherspoon played in "Walk the line". Yet another travesty by the Academy.

I did one of the gayest things in my life ast week. I went to see a singalong theatrical showing of Funny Girl. I seriuosly love this film, Barbra Striesand's Oscar-winning film debut, and this event seemed like fun. I remember stumbling upon the original soundtrack LP many years ago and playing it ad-nauseum on my mom's record player. I know, too gay for words. Anyways, the evening was fun but I realized that there are people much gayer than me. Boooooo.

Since long distance phone calls are ridiculously cheap here in the US, I've decided to try and keep more in touch with my friends. I've now vowed to at least call one friend per week, maybe more. I seriously have very little time, but I think this is really worth it. I already make time to call my mom once or twice a week and chruch, so it's just a matter or setting my mind to do things. I've so far called people in the US and Mexico, gotten up to date info on their lives and tribulations, and it just feels good.

Speaking of buddies, I've had plenty of social contact with Mexican people but scarce contact with gay buddies. The only real gay social circle I know is the group of friends that my ex-bf hangs out with. Now don't get me wrong, they are nice enoguh people (most of them anyway) but I just don't find any of them particularly interesting, my ex-bf A included (ha! zero bitterness there!). Anyways, yesterday my ex A called and summoned me to an afternoon of "game playing" with his gay pals, so I packed up my condoms and my lube. Sadly it was a (non-sexual) role-playing murder mystery Halloween-themed game, so I was not gonna get lucky. The premise seemed interesting and I got to play a mad female dentist, lab coat and all, haha. Other guys dressed as a witch, mummy, jester, devil, RodgersAndHammerstein monster (my favorite) and a tramp (how gay was that?!?!). Anyway, it was an surprisingly entertaining evening, but it was somewhat spoiled by the fact that my damn ex-bf A forgot to mention that the only reason I got invited was because some other guy cancelled (in fact I think maybe 2 guys cancelled, so it might have even been third choice in the matter). It was less than thrilling to find this out in indirect casual conversation. And I even felt a little stung, something that's not too easy to do to me, mind you. Was Germy overreacitng and being a diva?

My only consolation was that they guy playing the witch was really hot, and turned out to be a fellow theater-loving geek. I was smitten. Sadly the guy playing the mummy was hig rather long-term boyfriend, and was equally hot and handsome. Dammit! There is no justice in this world. Sniff, sniff. Anyways, it's days like yesterday that make me really miss my gay buddies from MTY. Love ya'll!


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