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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is my first post on my brand new laptop! Yep, Germy has been without a computer for almost 5 months! Yikes! Maybe now I can get to writing more frequently... when I get internet at my home I guess, haha.

Speaking of home, I'm currently looking for a new one. A friend of mine (girl) and I are looking for a house to rent here in Bellevue. I would really prefer a place close to work. Anyways, we've seen a couple of them, but so far we haven't signed anything. All we want is a huge house (the better to have parties in), with huge rooms (the better to fit big beds in), huge closets (the better to hide in), a huge modern kitchen (the better to make my roomie cook for me in), a huge yard and a huge garage... oh, and really small rent. Does that sound unreasonable? I think not!

Anyways, I'm heading to Puebla (south central Mexico) for Thanksgiving. I'm heading to the wedding of of the sister of a friend mine whom I met in London. I'm not that close to the bride, but I'm going to see my old London chums, and to hook up with The Ex and fuck like bunnies, ha. I'd always wanted to visit Puebla, everyone always told me it was a very beautiful city. We'll see.

The US mid-term elections were held yesterday. And the Democrats now have control of the US congress! Hoo-ray! Thank goodness fucking stupid Americans finally got the message that Bush sucks and that his handling of the government (not just the war in Iraq) has been arrogant and irresponsible. FINALLY!!! Other highlights:

  • Homophobic senator Rick Santorum lost his job as the No. 3 Republican in the Senate. Hee hee.

  • For the first time ever a same-sex marriage ban failed to pass in a state election. Who knew Arizona could be so hip??? Granted, it passed in all other states where it was put up to vote, but a it's a decent start.

  • Donald Rumsfeld resigned (i.e. was fired) from his job as Defense Secretary. At last!

  • The abortion ban did not pass in Idaho

All in all great news for liberals! What a great Election Day...


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