Vancouver, husband hunting and a date!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This last weekend I went with some friends to Vancouver, Canada. It was a fun trip, got to see the usual sights (Stanley Park, Canada Place, Gastown, Chinatown, suspension bridge, etc). It's a neat town, with oh-so-many tall apartment buildings cluttering up the skyline. I actually think Seattle is prettier as a whole, but it's still cool.

Vancouver is the film capital of Canada, since it's cheaper than the US, lots of TV shows and movies use it year-round, from Grey's Anatomy to the X-Men franchise. While we were walking around town, we stumbled upon two movies shoots. Cool, huh? One was for a small film called "Battle in Seattle", about some hippie protesters against the WTO. I know, yawn. The other film was Fantastic Four 2. They were filming on a street corner and none other than the Human Torch himself, Chris Evans, was there. I stood in the cold for half an hour to catch a 2 minute glimpse of him (clothed, unfortunately). Well worth it. What a hottie. Yum.

We went to some bars on Saturday night while we were in Vancouver. There's this really cool gay one called Celebrities. Highly recommended. The music is mainly techno, but they sneak in some pop tunes every now and then, which is much appreciated by Germy. It had actually been a while since Germy had gone on the prowl. I was unofficially hunting for a Canadian husband. But I was not only unsuccessful, but it turns out one of the guys I was talking up turned out to be MARRIED... to another man! FUCK! I really need to train myself to look for rings on fingers now. Sheesh, that's like a totally new instinct I need to develop. Maybe this whole gay-marriage thing isn't as good as I thought it would be. Geez...

The next day we went to the aquarium (SO cool, I'm such a science geek), ate some yummy Chinese food and made our way back to gloomy Seattle. Oh well...

I just came back from my first real date since I got here. I went out with a guy who works at the same company I do. He just graduated last Spring, so he's effectively 4 fucking years younger than me. Shit. Anyways, we met via this social networking site called Facebook, which I fucking love btw. Very fast, very simple, very efficient. He looked decent enough and was actually quite witty and funny. I did not disappoint either I might add. We finally met up today and, wow, he was just so much prettier in person, definitely not photogenic. He's pretty fit and has a wicked sense of humor. We had a pretty good time over dinner, but there was this nagging feeling that maybe he's just too young for me (I do like older guys, you know). I'd totally go out with him again and anyways the worst thing that could come out of this would be a new friend, so that's cool.

On another completely different note... I'm heading to Puebla on Thursday for that faux-wedding and hopefully will be hooking up with The Ex. Will I have the guts to set things straight with him? Do I really want to? So many questions, so little time... Happy Thanksgiving!


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