All you have to do is Dream

Saturday, December 30, 2006

This is my much anticipated Dreamgirls post (anticipated by me at least). I was torn about calling it "Stepping to the bad side"  or "All you have to do is dream", the movie's official tagline. I chose the former, because seeing a film version of this fantastic musical is really a dream come true. Pun intended, hehe.

Well, as is usual on Christmas Day, my family (my parents are visiting Seattle) went to the movies to see a brand new movie (and probable Oscar hopeful). We went a little later than usual and there was a whole lotta people. Who knew so many folks skipped Christmas dinner? Anyways, the movie I dragged everyone to see was Dreamgirls. I've been waiting for this flick for over a year and I was more than a little excited (and fearful, after Phantom you just never know how these things will turn out).

Let me first clear up a few points I wan to say about the movies. Beyonce is just ravishing. I mean this girl is ridiculously beautiful. She's a knockout as Deena Jones, from the beginning as a poor and innocent teenager up to when she's a glamorous star. And she an sing and dance fabulously. Wow. Nuff said. Her acting probably could be better, but I think she did an OK job. She is a huge name and I think casting her in this role was not a mistake.

I also have to confess I worship Anika Noni Rose (Lorelle). She won a Tony award for playing the daughter in Caroline or Change, one of my favorite musicals of the last few years. She plays Lorelle, the most underdeveloped of the three principal Dreamgirls, bur she still manages to steal a few scenes here and there.

The real revelation here is Jennifer Hudson. She has a very powerful voice and she makes every moment of hers on screen exciting. She's a force of nature which makes "And I am telling you" a crowd pleaser, even if the scene isn't very spectacularly filmed. At the theater I saw it in, people actually applauded at the end of this's number, it was wild. There is already Oscar buzz going around and the smart money is on her. Eddie Murphy is also wonderful in his role as a "Little Richard" wannabe, and him and Ms. Hudson provide the comic heights and most heartbreaking moments of the film. I hope they both take home Oscars.

Now about the film. The truth, I thought it started out ok, got better, then it didn't finish very well. What used to be the second act of the musical makes for a somewhat sluggish and ultimately unsatisfying second half to the movie. It gains so much energy particularly after "And I am telling you", it's a shame it goes to waste by spinning off so many storylines and unnecessary scenes and dialogue that just don't wrap up the story in a tight and convincing way. The actual final scene is actually pretty crappy in my opinion. The final musical number is great, but the whole idea at the end is not well executed. A shame really, it's mostly and entertaining film.

I know my opinion is skewered here, I couldn't help but compare the adapted screenplay to the original musical libretto. Still, I think some of the choices made for it's translation to the screen could have been better conceived. All in all, it is a fun movie, and seeing Ms. Hudson and Eddie Murphy is well worth the price of admission. Enjoy!

Winter wonderland...not!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

NOTE: Backed up Post #2. The reason for my Internet outtage.

Ok, last weekend the strongest storm in over a decade hit the Puget Sound area (where I live) and caused chaos. There were tons of fallen trees and power outages. Since it's the dead of winter, being without power usually means freezing, so over 700,000 people faced this dilemma. The streets were filled with folks looking for food, supplied, batteries, flashlights, generators, gasoline, etc. Unfortunately lots of stores were closed and those that were open due to some small miracle (their own generators, for example), were ransacked and virtually empty. I went to buy some chips and saw that the whole aisle was empty, and only the organic chips were left. Geez.

The good thing was that there was no work on Friday, hoo-ray. But I actually started to get worried when people mentioned that during the last big storm, some places didn't get power until 5 days after the storm. Yikes. On Friday night I took refuge with a friend and his visiting family. His mom was in town (I know, what "luck") and his brother and a friend of his brother. They didn't have power either, but at least it would be better than being all alone in my new huge rented house (both my roomie were out of town). The brother was a lot hotter than my friend, but that really isn't saying much. The other guy was genuinely hot in his own right, so this seemed like a great arrangement. We fired up the chimney and drank and talked. It was actually pretty fun, not to mention freezing.

I got power back in my huge house the next day and since I was one of the lucky few, I hosted 8 refugee Mexicans. It was my brother, his wife, the wife's visiting sister (another lucky visitor), the 4 people I had spent the previous night with and myself. This turned out to be a lot more fun and we all stayed up really late laughing and boozing. Good times, good times. The next few nights were spent pretty much the same since power has been slow to come back to some areas, and hanging out with fellow Mexicans before they leave for X-Mas vacation has been very cool, plus we got to play with the new Nintendo Wii. The whole experience was an interesting detour from normal civilization, and from my work-intensive existence.

My life so far

NOTE: Due to my recent Internet outtage, here is backed up post #1.


I know, long time no blog. Work has been extremely hectic. Being an engineer means having to find solutions to problems no matter what. And sometimes it's downright painful. Of course they gave the new guy the project nobody wanted, but then again that's life, so fucking live with it. I'm totally asking for a promotion next year.

Anyways, I've also been up to a lot of non-work stuff. I went to a Guns and Roses concert. Ok, it wasn't exactly NR, it was just Axl Rose with 7 other guys, but since I was never that much of a hard-core fan, it seemed interesting. The actual concert was so-so, I mean they held it on a Sunday night and since a lot of their core fans are now in their thirties, I bet a lot of them were thinking about how they had to get up and go to work the next day, haha, and therefore were not that enthusiastic for cheering. So the energy was somewhat low, for a heavy-metal concert anyways, and the arena was about 60% full, and it wasn't even that big. All in all, I was disappointed. Especially given the fact that the tickets were kind of pricey. Next time I shell out that much cash for a concert, it better be someone I'm crazy about seeing live.

We had a house warming / Posada (Mexican Christmas party) on Saturday. It was way cool because we put on this traditional Mexican Pastorela play. We came up with the whole party and play idea a few days before, so it was all a bit improvised and rushed, but we got some really big laughs making fun of a lot of the members of our Mexican social circle. A select few stayed into the wee hours of the morning boozing and having laughs.Good times, good times.

Speaking of Christmas, I heard this way cool song on the (internet) radio. It's called "Great big sled" by The Killers. The best new original X-Mas I've heard in years, seriously.

Did I mention I moved into a new place? I rented a house with two other Mexicans, a girl (straight) and a guy (gay). It's a big old 5 bedroom house in Bellevue and the yard is just HUGE. Seriously, it even has a playground. Crazy. I love it. We have a guest bedroom and everything... you know, in case anybody wants to drop in... hint, hint...

Just wanted to say...

Thursday, December 21, 2006 gorgeous Patrick Wilson looks in the trailer for Little Children. I'm serious, he looks amazingly hot. Not too buff, just enough. Slim, just a little hairy. Delicious. Don't believe me? See for yourself (seriously, what a great ass).

He has a musical theater background, having starred in The Full Monty, Oklahoma and Barefoot in the Park (play) on Broadway. He has an amazing voice and is also incredibly handsome. What a great combination, no? He was Raoul in the Phantom movie and has made some independent flicks here and there (you saw his naked ass in Angels in America, remember?). I hope Little Children finally launches him into the big time.

Yes, Little Children also stars one of my favorite actresses, Kate Winslet (who also looks absolutely fabulous here, btw), the stunning Jennifer Connelly and it was nominated for 3 Golden Globes, including her for Best Actress Drama and Best Movie Drama. But let's be realistic, I'm going to see it just to catch a glimpse of Patrick's torso. Yum.

Does this actually qualify as "Hottie of the Week"? Are they finally back???? I guess so... ;-)

Puebla, Puebla

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I went to Mexico to a wedding for Thanksgiving. I know, long time ago, sorry for taking so long to post this. Anyways, the trip was wonderful. I got to see the beautiful colonial downtown area of Puebla, got to eat delicious Poblano cuisine, got to fuck like a bunny with The Ex, etc.

The wedding was in a huge old church near the city center. Puebla has a gazillion churches, so it's not saying much. Seriously, you can find like one every other block. It was kind of cool. The groom was Italian so a whole bunch of Italians were at the wedding (including Danes, Britons, Americans, Australians and moi!). The Italians were a noisy and rowdy bunch, very fun. The minute we stepped out of the church they opened a bottle of booze and started drinking. Awesome! Haha!

The party was great, danced a lot. We had gone out the night before (and the night before that), so I was nursing a HUGE hangover that didn't go away until like 8pm.... but that didn't stop me from ripping up the dance floor! Hahaha. We even went out the after the wedding! Saw old friends, met some new ones. Good times, good times.

And then there was the Ex. This was the fourth time we had hooked up this year, and the second wedding we attended together. Of course seeing him was wonderful. Meeting up with him at Mexico City's airport and traveling by bus to Puebla and holding his hand all the way. Nice. Snuggling up with him in the pretty but very poorly maintained hotel they reserved for us was also welcomed. Having sex with him just comes so naturally, there's no awkwardness, no hesitation. Just lust. And love. Especially love. I've had sex before, you know, just horny sex. Nothing bad about it. But when you really care about the person, it makes it so different.

By the way, he's no longer The Ex anymore. Yep, we're officially back together. He's once again The Guy. Yes, I know I went out on a date a few days before, but in a way that date pretty much confirmed to me that this is the guy I want to have a relationship with. Plain and simple. neither of us was seeing anybody else, we were making these long trips to see each other (from London and/or Seattle), we were crazy about each other, so this seemed like a very logical step. I confronted him with the question (I was a little scared, but ended up saying, "What the fuck"). So it came out a little like "Yo Pooks, are we gonna go steady or what?". He gave me a little smile, and said, "Yes, we are". And that was that. What a silly boy. Oh what joy.

Yes, I'm once again in a long-distance relationship. And I'm always the first one to tell others to avoid them. Well, honeys, tough doodie. I'm in this one for keeps, I plan on getting this man to marry me, so I'm cashing in all my chips. I'm surprisingly at peace with this decision, I think I've seen enough and been around enough to look forward to a life of monogamy for the rest of my days. What a world.