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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

NOTE: Due to my recent Internet outtage, here is backed up post #1.


I know, long time no blog. Work has been extremely hectic. Being an engineer means having to find solutions to problems no matter what. And sometimes it's downright painful. Of course they gave the new guy the project nobody wanted, but then again that's life, so fucking live with it. I'm totally asking for a promotion next year.

Anyways, I've also been up to a lot of non-work stuff. I went to a Guns and Roses concert. Ok, it wasn't exactly NR, it was just Axl Rose with 7 other guys, but since I was never that much of a hard-core fan, it seemed interesting. The actual concert was so-so, I mean they held it on a Sunday night and since a lot of their core fans are now in their thirties, I bet a lot of them were thinking about how they had to get up and go to work the next day, haha, and therefore were not that enthusiastic for cheering. So the energy was somewhat low, for a heavy-metal concert anyways, and the arena was about 60% full, and it wasn't even that big. All in all, I was disappointed. Especially given the fact that the tickets were kind of pricey. Next time I shell out that much cash for a concert, it better be someone I'm crazy about seeing live.

We had a house warming / Posada (Mexican Christmas party) on Saturday. It was way cool because we put on this traditional Mexican Pastorela play. We came up with the whole party and play idea a few days before, so it was all a bit improvised and rushed, but we got some really big laughs making fun of a lot of the members of our Mexican social circle. A select few stayed into the wee hours of the morning boozing and having laughs.Good times, good times.

Speaking of Christmas, I heard this way cool song on the (internet) radio. It's called "Great big sled" by The Killers. The best new original X-Mas I've heard in years, seriously.

Did I mention I moved into a new place? I rented a house with two other Mexicans, a girl (straight) and a guy (gay). It's a big old 5 bedroom house in Bellevue and the yard is just HUGE. Seriously, it even has a playground. Crazy. I love it. We have a guest bedroom and everything... you know, in case anybody wants to drop in... hint, hint...


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