Puebla, Puebla

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I went to Mexico to a wedding for Thanksgiving. I know, long time ago, sorry for taking so long to post this. Anyways, the trip was wonderful. I got to see the beautiful colonial downtown area of Puebla, got to eat delicious Poblano cuisine, got to fuck like a bunny with The Ex, etc.

The wedding was in a huge old church near the city center. Puebla has a gazillion churches, so it's not saying much. Seriously, you can find like one every other block. It was kind of cool. The groom was Italian so a whole bunch of Italians were at the wedding (including Danes, Britons, Americans, Australians and moi!). The Italians were a noisy and rowdy bunch, very fun. The minute we stepped out of the church they opened a bottle of booze and started drinking. Awesome! Haha!

The party was great, danced a lot. We had gone out the night before (and the night before that), so I was nursing a HUGE hangover that didn't go away until like 8pm.... but that didn't stop me from ripping up the dance floor! Hahaha. We even went out the after the wedding! Saw old friends, met some new ones. Good times, good times.

And then there was the Ex. This was the fourth time we had hooked up this year, and the second wedding we attended together. Of course seeing him was wonderful. Meeting up with him at Mexico City's airport and traveling by bus to Puebla and holding his hand all the way. Nice. Snuggling up with him in the pretty but very poorly maintained hotel they reserved for us was also welcomed. Having sex with him just comes so naturally, there's no awkwardness, no hesitation. Just lust. And love. Especially love. I've had sex before, you know, just horny sex. Nothing bad about it. But when you really care about the person, it makes it so different.

By the way, he's no longer The Ex anymore. Yep, we're officially back together. He's once again The Guy. Yes, I know I went out on a date a few days before, but in a way that date pretty much confirmed to me that this is the guy I want to have a relationship with. Plain and simple. neither of us was seeing anybody else, we were making these long trips to see each other (from London and/or Seattle), we were crazy about each other, so this seemed like a very logical step. I confronted him with the question (I was a little scared, but ended up saying, "What the fuck"). So it came out a little like "Yo Pooks, are we gonna go steady or what?". He gave me a little smile, and said, "Yes, we are". And that was that. What a silly boy. Oh what joy.

Yes, I'm once again in a long-distance relationship. And I'm always the first one to tell others to avoid them. Well, honeys, tough doodie. I'm in this one for keeps, I plan on getting this man to marry me, so I'm cashing in all my chips. I'm surprisingly at peace with this decision, I think I've seen enough and been around enough to look forward to a life of monogamy for the rest of my days. What a world.


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