Winter wonderland...not!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

NOTE: Backed up Post #2. The reason for my Internet outtage.

Ok, last weekend the strongest storm in over a decade hit the Puget Sound area (where I live) and caused chaos. There were tons of fallen trees and power outages. Since it's the dead of winter, being without power usually means freezing, so over 700,000 people faced this dilemma. The streets were filled with folks looking for food, supplied, batteries, flashlights, generators, gasoline, etc. Unfortunately lots of stores were closed and those that were open due to some small miracle (their own generators, for example), were ransacked and virtually empty. I went to buy some chips and saw that the whole aisle was empty, and only the organic chips were left. Geez.

The good thing was that there was no work on Friday, hoo-ray. But I actually started to get worried when people mentioned that during the last big storm, some places didn't get power until 5 days after the storm. Yikes. On Friday night I took refuge with a friend and his visiting family. His mom was in town (I know, what "luck") and his brother and a friend of his brother. They didn't have power either, but at least it would be better than being all alone in my new huge rented house (both my roomie were out of town). The brother was a lot hotter than my friend, but that really isn't saying much. The other guy was genuinely hot in his own right, so this seemed like a great arrangement. We fired up the chimney and drank and talked. It was actually pretty fun, not to mention freezing.

I got power back in my huge house the next day and since I was one of the lucky few, I hosted 8 refugee Mexicans. It was my brother, his wife, the wife's visiting sister (another lucky visitor), the 4 people I had spent the previous night with and myself. This turned out to be a lot more fun and we all stayed up really late laughing and boozing. Good times, good times. The next few nights were spent pretty much the same since power has been slow to come back to some areas, and hanging out with fellow Mexicans before they leave for X-Mas vacation has been very cool, plus we got to play with the new Nintendo Wii. The whole experience was an interesting detour from normal civilization, and from my work-intensive existence.


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