London trip planning

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ok, I just spent a whole bunch of money buying tickets to see various London shows. And I'm soooooo excited, haha. I bought tickets to go see Avenue Q, Billy Elliot, The History Boys (the play!), Evita and The Seagull. Two plays and three musicals, seems like a nice balance, no? I LOVE seeing live theater. There is just nothing like good shows, performing arts, theater craft, etc. This should be fun.

I'm leaving on Feb 2nd, coming back on the 11th. Gonna go see The Guy, Awwwww... I know, I know, I totally fucked up by not staying Valentine's Day... but oh well.

A sudden change in scenery

Sunday, January 14, 2007

As I walked out of my office this evening, I encountered a huge surprise.The entire outside world had changed. It was unexpected but charming, almost magical. I felt I had walked onto a movie set. Everything was white. Seriously, it looked fake.

Anyways, this city really doesn't take snow that well. I mean people love going to sky to the mountains, but they all freak when the snow is outside on their yards. My entire street is an iceberg. It's pretty scary to drive when you know stopping can be an issue with ice on the road.

Anyways, I had never seen it snow until this winter, so that's cool. My own little winter wonderland. I'll post pictures later.

Five things people don't know about me

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This is a popular meme that I've seen on some blogs. I think it's a really neat opportunity to reflect on one's own behavior. So here goes, here are things (I at least think) people don't know about me (or at least the people who read this weblog... I think).

1. I eat paper. It's true, ever since I can remember I've loved to eat paper. All kinds. White bond, post-it's, especially that wax paper used for muffins... heaven! I don't know why, but I just do it. I also eat my nails, but I think that's pretty obvious, haha.

2. For the last 4 or 5 years I've gone at least one day a week to church or prayed for at least one hour a week at my home. I'm not even going to elaborate too much about this. At least not in this post. This is material for another post entirely.

3. I gave oral sex to another boy when I was 15, in my house. It was right after my junior high graduation, and my friend slept over. We lost touch soon afterwards. It's something I try no to think too much about, but end up doing all the time anyways.

4. For some reason I love having sex with short, stocky guys. They just turn me on like crazy. Plus, they''re also very easy to move around and get in the right position, hehe. My current bf, The Guy, is neither short nor very stocky, and I love him and think he's really hot and all... but short beefy guys are my secret sex fetish.

5. Even though I worked hard to get my current job, I liked my old job better. I guess I just like smaller companies more in the end and being closer to the whole customer experience. Oh, and my new laptop was financed completely by my old company. They used it as payment for a job I did for them last month.

UPDATE: I totally forgot to tag other people with this meme (I knpw, Germy is ever the egotist), thanks for reminding me Serge. Anyways, I tag Serge, Psesito, Pimo and Fernando. This should be fun.

In retrospection OR Happy New 2007!

Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm not one to go off ranting about New Years, but in the last 5 minutes of 2006 I suddenly reflected on what a good year it had been for my family and me. I got the job I'd wanted for a long time, I got to spend some time in TJ with my mom whil I was waiting for my visa, got to see my old buds in MTY, we celebrated my brother's wedding, I got back together with The Ex and he's now The Guy again, I got to see my family in good health, etc, etc. All in all a wonderful year in so many ways. I don't think 2007 will be able to live up to that: still, I'll try to take whatever it has to give me with the same determination, but hopefully with a little more experience and wisdom.


Happy happy everybody!