Dirty confession

Tuesday, February 27, 2007



Hi everyone, meet Ben. He's a male-escort.



I'm a Germy obsessed! I have a new decadent pasttime that has already taken up to much of my spare time. I recently discovered the personla blog of a male-escort. Yes, a man who profesionally sells himself for sex. I swear I wasn't looking for a male-escort online, I actually stumbled upon his site from a popular theater bulletin board (really!). Anyways, it's the blog of Benjamin Nicholas.

Why has this guilty pleasure become so addictive? Well, it's because this guy literally loves to talk about his life; all the travelling he does for "work", all the shopping he does, the fantastic hotels he gets to stay in, the hot guys he sleeps with (non-clients), just all the parties, celebrities and fellow escorts that cross his path. Way cool. It's a pretty glamorous and hedonistic lifestyle, and I'm hooked! And add to that great gossip and a huge collection of free porn sites! I'm in love!

He's actually a pretty decent writer, and has even published some essays online. And he's sort-of-classy in the sense that he never reveals anything about his clients and never gives any details about what he does on his "dates". But he loves to talk about hoking up with other guys, buying expensive underwear and even some musicals! Ha! He has a picure gallery linked to his blog in which he looks pretty hot. And did you know that there are sites where "clients" actually review the services of male-escorts?!?!?! I mean just as if they were books and CD's on Amazon! HA! But here, the books cana ctually fight back in the case of a bad review! Cool.

Is Germy promoting male prostitution with this post? Of course not! It ain't all glamour and lubricant. One of the points that a lots of these guys make (and I've already read a few other male-whores' blogs), is that if you wanna be a real "pro" at this, you have to be willing to sleep with guys of all body-types and ages. I know, yeeks. But hey, they don't charge $500 and hour for nothing, ya know... haha.

Oscar, Oscar

Monday, February 26, 2007

Ok, the awards came and went. They finally gave Martin Scorsese an Oscar for one of his sub-par films made during the mediocre later part of his career. Oh rejoice!... bah! If The Departed was even half as good as Goodfellas, I would care. But it's not, so too bad.

And you know, this year there was actually a little excitement surrounding the Best Picture category, there was no clear frontrunner (a la Helen Mirren or Forest Whitaker). I mean you were only pretty much sure that Dreamgirls wasn't gonna win because it wasn't even fucking nominated!!! I'm still a little bitter about that (can you tell????).  =P

But seriously, the ceremony was actually pretty enjoyable and better than years past thanks primarily to Ellen. Who the hell could have imagined that a lesbian could be so cute and charming??? She won me over yet again this night. Hope she's there next year. 

 My housemates and I did the gayest thing ever this time around, we had an Oscar party at our house. The worst part was that we all cooked food based on the five nominated films for Best Picture. I know, I know, gay beyond belief. But it was a ton of fun. We actually blended some Mexicans with gays, and it wasn't that bad. Maybe there is hope for this world.

Oh well, here's to Hairspray in 2007!!! =D

And speaking of little children...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

There are some early frontrunners for the Democratic party. Most notably Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama. These two have been making quite a fuss across the country over the last few weeks. It's depressing to know that the actual Presidential election is still about 20 months away. Geez.

I wish I could vote here in the US. It feels weird living in a place you can't vote. Anyways, if I could vote, I would not vote for Barack Obama. Why? Because he's muslim and black. Ha! Just kidding. First of all he's not even Muslim. And he's not even black. Ok, he is. But I still wouldn't vote for him. I don't know, I mean he just seems kind of fake. Like he's too clean and perfect. I know this sounds really racist, but he seems way too whote to be black. Ha! Something just feels weird. Anywas, how on Earth does a black man called Barack Hussein Obama think he can win the Presedential election in the USA? This is the same fucking country that elected George Bush for crying out loud! Talk about unreal expectation. A guy like that is not cut out to be Prez, simple as that.

Ok, that now brings us to Hillary. She's the wife of Bill Clinton, the God of the Democratic party. Indestructible and irresistibly charming and even pretty handsome. Does she have any of these traits? Of course not. She couldn't come off as charming even if she tried. And now she seems to be trying and hard. I don't know, the truth is that Hillary has always seemed evil to me. I don't necessarily think that's a bad trait, especially for a politician, but she juts seems bad. The way she's flip-flopped on the issues, like gay marriage (not she's for it, apparently) and the war in Iraq (now she's against it, apparently) have made me trust her even less. Could she be a competent President? I think so. Does she have even the slightest chance of winning? At this point, no. She's a very polarizing force in American politics, you either love her or you hate her. And a whole lot of people hate her, even in the Democratic party. She needs to win over middle America if she wants to stand a ghost of a chance, and that will be a hard sell if there ever was one. Good luck, tuts. And also, as a gay man, I will never ever forget the fact that her husband signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. Fuck both of you, Clintons.

These two have already started the mud-slinging and accusations, and with the elction more than a year and a half away, it's just going to steadily get worse. Hang on to your butts, darlings, this is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride. Yes, politics, the art of the possible.

It had been a while since I had written anything of substance. It feels good.

Quickie London theater reviews

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here are my Germy-reviews for all the shows I saw during my London trip...

The History boys

I totally cheated and saw the film version of this back in November. I thought the film was good, even though the topic of paedophilia was handled in an unsettlingly normal and non-chalant way by some characters. "Maybe that'e the way it is in real life", my mon said. Maybe it is, who knows.

Anyways, I took The Guy to see this production in London, and even though it didn't feature the original cast, I do have to say that the production was extraordinary. A much better experience than the film. The production was fast-paced with small musical interludes in between the scenes that kept the action running smoothly; some of the more over-the-top elements of the film were much more credible on stage, were reality is a bit less strict for some reason.

The gay kid was a little too queeny for my taste but the cute boy was even cuter than in the film, if not quite as menacing or devious-looking. Seeing the play live I gained a much better understanding of what it means to study History, and what it means to educate in general. A great production of a great play.

Avenue Q

 I had also kind of cheated with this production because I had listened to a few songs already on the Internet. From what I had heard, this promised to an an outrageous and open-minded evening at the theatre. And boy did it deliver.

Even though it takes a little getting used to seeing actors holding puppets, this musical just wins you over from the opening number (which is projected on a flat screen, ha!). The fact that the two male leads were absolutely gorgeous deifnitely helped, but was also a little distracting, hehe. The actors actually enhanced some of the puppet's expressions, so all in all it was a very enriching distraction I must say.

The songs are very creative and scandalously hilarious, just like their titles: "Everyone's a little bit racist", "The internet is for porn", "If you were gay", "It sucks to be me", etc. There are some Bad Idea Bears that are just too good to be true and a Cookie Monster clone that just steals the show.

What completely surprised me about this show was how emotionally profound the ending turned out to be. "Gosh", I thought, "this is a trully affecting show... much more so than Wicked ever was." I'm so glad Avenue Q beat Wicked for Best Musical at the Tonys that year. It really is a fantastic musical all by itself. One song especially resonated with me, it's the closing number "For now". Enjoy.

Everyone's a little unsatisfied,
everyone's a little bit empty inside...
You'll be faced with problems of all shapes and sizes.
You're going to have to make a few compromises...
For now...

-For now, Avenue Q


 I totally had to see Argentine born Elena Roger in this acclaimed London production. I had never seen a fully staged production of Evita, so this was my big chance to see my absolutely favorite Andre Lloyd Weber score on the stage. And all I can say is "Wow".

The production values were fantastic and the staging was exciting and very dynamic. Ms. Roger was a great dancer and excellent actress, even if she couldn't belt out all the high notes like the great Patti Lupone (the original New York Evita, heard on the OBC). The production was first rate and the gorgeous score performed by a full orchestar was worth the price of admission alone.

Billy Elliot

 I had heard great things about this production and my curiosity was high when I entered the Victoria-Palace theater. The kid performing the role of Billy was an incredible dancer, I mean this kid pulled off some virtuoso moves that stopped the show more than a few times. There was a dance sequene in which he shared the stage with his future-grown-up-self and, damn, Billy sure grows up to have a fantastic ass, wow... haha.

The themes handled in the show are very English, involving the coal miner strike in the 80's and the political climate under Margaret Thatcher. It's a well told story that is both emotionally involving and funny. The only real problem I had with the show is that not a single song is not even remotely memorable. Yes, Elton John has written some great tunes in the past, most notably for Aida, but he didn't score a single winner here. A shame, what a muscial this could have been with half-decent songs.

The Seagull

I had always wanted to see a Chekov play, and this production starring Kristen Scott Thomas was my big chance. No, I did not pull a Serge and see this show just because a movie star was in it, I had actually read it before and it seemed interesting enough. The problem was that I was falling asleep towards the end of the third hour of duration. I know, Germy's is the lowest of the low. But it just made me think about how this play really does belong to another time and to another audience. A shame, really. The characters are pretty interesting anf the struggles it portrays about love and artistic creation, both modern and traditional, are heartbreaking and violently true. I was still dozing off, though. Oh well.

An interesting thing tha happened the night I saw it, one of the lead actresses was out sick. Since this was a small Royal Court production, there was no understudy, so they literally got an actress who had come in THAT VERY MORNING to replace the ailing one. The house manager came onstage to explain how the replacement actress was going to be reading fromt he script and that they weren't really sure what was going to happen. Cool, this is why I love live theater, what a rush. The new girl turned out to be great. I mean, yeah, she read from time to time, but she was always in character and never ever let on that she was insecure or hesitant in her demeanor. That's what I call professionalism, suckas! At the end she got a bigger standing ovation that Ms. Scott Thomas. Cool.

I leave you with my favorite passage of this great work:

"Now I understand, Kostya, I've understood, that with our work - doesn't matter whether it's acting or writing what's essential is not fame or success, none of the things I used to dream about: it's the ability to endure."

-The Seaguul, Anotn Chekov

Little Children

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Geez, who knew a movie called "Little children" could be so perturbing? I'm serious, this movie had some of the most memorably disturbing scenes of 2006. There's a homage to Jaws, a car scene and a playground swing scene that will probabky stay in your mind for a good while.

This film turned out to be much more complex and richly detailed than I had imagined. You've got Kate Wisnlet (who looks rather homely in the first half of the film) and Patrick Wilson (hottie extraordinaire throughout) in unhappy marriages who hook up. After fucking him, Kate actually starts looking better in the film. Maybe the multiple orgasms clear up her complexion. Who knows. A well deserved Oscar nod, btw.

The marvelous cast of supporting characters is what makes the film so compelling. Jackie Earle Haley as a relased sex offender is both tragic and frightening. And just plain creepy. Phyllis Somerville as his overbearing mother is captivating, you just can't help feeling sorry for her, but are in awe of her conviction to love her son no matter what. Noah Emmerich as an ex-cop also steals his share of scenes, showing how the hunter can sometimes become more dangerous than the hunted. The stunning Jennifer Connelly looks just fantastic throughout and even Broadway vets Gregg Edelman, as Kate's "busy" husband, and Jane Adams as the other occupant of the infamous car scene, as standouts. Jane Adams makes heartbreakingly good use of her ~5 minutes of screen time.

Suburbia is shown as a sort of hell full of judgment and egotism. Traditional family values are shown as entraping nightmares. The frequent train whistles heard in the background of many scenes are an interesting motif, what are they announcing? What is coming just around the bend? And after it comes, what will ultimately prevail? Even Madame Bovary gets sucked in and used as a literary metaphor. An altogether fascinating look at ourselves, how monstrous and selfish we can be, and how our behaviors can often mirror that of little children.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Have you come here for forgiveness?
Have you come tor raise the dead?
Have you come here to play Jesus
To the lepers in your head?
Did I ask too much?
More than a lot?
You gave me nothing,
Now its all I got

-The One, U2

I had never really payed attention to the lyrics of this song. It's actually quiet eloquent in it's reproachful and remorseful chanting. A beautiful melody and interesting lyrics, a nice combination. I realized all this thanks to the power of Mary J. Blige's rendition on this song. A classic. Congrats to her for her 3 Grammys. Her performance at the awards show was actually quite moving, with the full orchestra backing her up for a pseduo-classical arrangement of her hit Be Without You. She really has a great voice. And I love it when she looks like she's just gonna loose it onstage, like towards minute 4:00 of this clip. Now that's passion, suckas. Janis Joplin would be proud. Enjoy.


To London and back

Germy's back in town! Yo, yo! I'm back from my whirlwind trip to the UK. I was there for 9 days (two of which were spent mostly travelling, *yawn*). As usual, London was as fabulous and beautiful as ever. Seeing my lond-distance boyfriend, The Guy, was also wonderful. Having lots of sex was pretty nice too, hehe.

I went to the theater (5 times! ha!) about which I'll talk about later. My free time (while the bf was working) was usually spent going to museums and just walking or riding around in those huge double-decker buses and just taking in the wonders around me. What a wonderful city! Can't wait for the 2012 Olympics! I got nifty new Canon digital camera for my trip (actually, the first digital camera I've ever owned for myself) and took some neat pics. Ping me if you want the link. Sorry, I filtered out the naughty pics, haha... they're only available if you have AMEX, Master Card or Visa... :P

An unintended consequence of this trip was that many coworkers of mine made more inquiries than I was expecting. The conversation usually went something like this:

Coworker: Where are you going on your vacation?

Germy: Oh, London

Coworker: London?!?! Awesome!

Germy: Yup, yup.

Coworker: What are you gonna be doing over there?

Germy: Oh, well, um... visiting my boyfriend.

Coworker: *Pause* Oh. Ok. Umm, good for you.

Ha! It was a riot to see this exact same scene repeated a few more times, haha. Don't get me wrong, my company is quite open-minded and has many same-sex domestic partner policies. But it still caught most people by surprise, hehe. Now that I'm older and have thought about it more, I think it's usually best to come out in a quiet and casual manner, not sitting down with someone and breaking the huge news. I think it sets the tone for your sexual orientation to be treated just as casually and naturally as any other person. The attention-hungry diva in me has wanned over the years, I suppose.

My officemate actually gave me a stunned look and asked "You mean your bf works in London?" and I said "Yes". TO which he replied "Oh....umm... I didn't know that", trying to make a graceful recovery. "Well, you never asked" I replied. Hee hee. What a world...