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Tuesday, February 27, 2007



Hi everyone, meet Ben. He's a male-escort.



I'm a Germy obsessed! I have a new decadent pasttime that has already taken up to much of my spare time. I recently discovered the personla blog of a male-escort. Yes, a man who profesionally sells himself for sex. I swear I wasn't looking for a male-escort online, I actually stumbled upon his site from a popular theater bulletin board (really!). Anyways, it's the blog of Benjamin Nicholas.

Why has this guilty pleasure become so addictive? Well, it's because this guy literally loves to talk about his life; all the travelling he does for "work", all the shopping he does, the fantastic hotels he gets to stay in, the hot guys he sleeps with (non-clients), just all the parties, celebrities and fellow escorts that cross his path. Way cool. It's a pretty glamorous and hedonistic lifestyle, and I'm hooked! And add to that great gossip and a huge collection of free porn sites! I'm in love!

He's actually a pretty decent writer, and has even published some essays online. And he's sort-of-classy in the sense that he never reveals anything about his clients and never gives any details about what he does on his "dates". But he loves to talk about hoking up with other guys, buying expensive underwear and even some musicals! Ha! He has a picure gallery linked to his blog in which he looks pretty hot. And did you know that there are sites where "clients" actually review the services of male-escorts?!?!?! I mean just as if they were books and CD's on Amazon! HA! But here, the books cana ctually fight back in the case of a bad review! Cool.

Is Germy promoting male prostitution with this post? Of course not! It ain't all glamour and lubricant. One of the points that a lots of these guys make (and I've already read a few other male-whores' blogs), is that if you wanna be a real "pro" at this, you have to be willing to sleep with guys of all body-types and ages. I know, yeeks. But hey, they don't charge $500 and hour for nothing, ya know... haha.


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