Little Children

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Geez, who knew a movie called "Little children" could be so perturbing? I'm serious, this movie had some of the most memorably disturbing scenes of 2006. There's a homage to Jaws, a car scene and a playground swing scene that will probabky stay in your mind for a good while.

This film turned out to be much more complex and richly detailed than I had imagined. You've got Kate Wisnlet (who looks rather homely in the first half of the film) and Patrick Wilson (hottie extraordinaire throughout) in unhappy marriages who hook up. After fucking him, Kate actually starts looking better in the film. Maybe the multiple orgasms clear up her complexion. Who knows. A well deserved Oscar nod, btw.

The marvelous cast of supporting characters is what makes the film so compelling. Jackie Earle Haley as a relased sex offender is both tragic and frightening. And just plain creepy. Phyllis Somerville as his overbearing mother is captivating, you just can't help feeling sorry for her, but are in awe of her conviction to love her son no matter what. Noah Emmerich as an ex-cop also steals his share of scenes, showing how the hunter can sometimes become more dangerous than the hunted. The stunning Jennifer Connelly looks just fantastic throughout and even Broadway vets Gregg Edelman, as Kate's "busy" husband, and Jane Adams as the other occupant of the infamous car scene, as standouts. Jane Adams makes heartbreakingly good use of her ~5 minutes of screen time.

Suburbia is shown as a sort of hell full of judgment and egotism. Traditional family values are shown as entraping nightmares. The frequent train whistles heard in the background of many scenes are an interesting motif, what are they announcing? What is coming just around the bend? And after it comes, what will ultimately prevail? Even Madame Bovary gets sucked in and used as a literary metaphor. An altogether fascinating look at ourselves, how monstrous and selfish we can be, and how our behaviors can often mirror that of little children.


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