Oscar, Oscar

Monday, February 26, 2007

Ok, the awards came and went. They finally gave Martin Scorsese an Oscar for one of his sub-par films made during the mediocre later part of his career. Oh rejoice!... bah! If The Departed was even half as good as Goodfellas, I would care. But it's not, so too bad.

And you know, this year there was actually a little excitement surrounding the Best Picture category, there was no clear frontrunner (a la Helen Mirren or Forest Whitaker). I mean you were only pretty much sure that Dreamgirls wasn't gonna win because it wasn't even fucking nominated!!! I'm still a little bitter about that (can you tell????).  =P

But seriously, the ceremony was actually pretty enjoyable and better than years past thanks primarily to Ellen. Who the hell could have imagined that a lesbian could be so cute and charming??? She won me over yet again this night. Hope she's there next year. 

 My housemates and I did the gayest thing ever this time around, we had an Oscar party at our house. The worst part was that we all cooked food based on the five nominated films for Best Picture. I know, I know, gay beyond belief. But it was a ton of fun. We actually blended some Mexicans with gays, and it wasn't that bad. Maybe there is hope for this world.

Oh well, here's to Hairspray in 2007!!! =D


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