Boogie night

Monday, April 09, 2007

This last Saturday night was one of those occasions in which everything just goes right, coincidences seem to be the norm, chance is on your side, an air triumph engulfs the early morning hours and and sweet but painful happiness almost brings you to tears (even after all these years).

Let me start at the beginning. Last week my gay roomie Si and I were witnesses to the coming out of one of our fellow Mexican friends, C. This guy had been the subject of some underground speculation among the Mexican social circles here in Redmond, but no concrete evidence had ever been obtained. Plus, my gaydar just never detected anything around him. Well, Germy was completely wrong and he came out with a thunderous whisper in our house at around 9am on a Sunday morning (after boozing and talking into the sunrise).

This was both startling and thrilling news. I'd always thought C was kind of cute, so having him be a sista' was confirmation that all gay guys as hot. Period. Haha. Anyways, Si and me had dinner with him to just chat about his coming out, how he felt, etc. He actually seemed pretty comfortable with himself but maybe not completely ready to come out. We told him that an incident in the recent past had started a whirlwind of rumors and that even though he might be hesitant, that coming out sooner rather than later would be wise. It's always better to have your friends hear it from you rather than from rumors. Plus, here in Redmond there's always been a very open attitude towards gay people even among the Mexicans, so it's even a little weird to hesitate.

Anyways, having said this, Si invited all his gay pals last Saturday to play board games and booze up at our place. Psesito was newly arrived so he joined in on the festivities (minus the boozing, lame!). I invited C and he came over and fit right on with us, which was pretty cool. Then we all headed over for some clubbing. We met up with a pair of straight friends and went to Purr to booze up some more and check out the guys. I seriously like this place, very trendy and good drinks. C decided to just plain come out to a few people in the process, which was way cooler. C told me that he had never tried a Long Island Ice Tea, and from that moment on I knew we were in trouble, LOL!

Then we headed to Neighbours. I'm not really wild about the music there, but there's always plenty of people and the crowed is mixed, so there's plenty of variety. We were all dancing and boozing (I bought C a few drinks to "loosen him up", haha). I actually felt bad when C said he had trouble focusing and actually lost us for a while. Oops. I told Psesito to keep an eye on him, as I kept on dancing, hehe. There was this blond girl who totally had a thing for me and I was milking it for all it was worth. Good times, good times. Anyways, there we are at the bar, C, Psesito and me, and suddenly C cries out "Oh my god, I just saw a guy I know! And I think he's totally hot! What is he doing here? Is he gay too??? NO WAY!!!!". I immediately said "Hey, do you want me to get him for you????" to which C answered "". I ignored this last part and walked towards the guy in question, but felt C's hand grab my arm with great violence. "NOOOOOOO! Germy, PLEASE don't say anything, I'd die!!!".

Germy has a history of notoriously going out to get guys on the dance floor for his friends. If I'm drunk enough, I'll pretty much walk up to any guy and just tell him I have a friend who wants to meet him. Hey, anything for a friend. Plus, even though I hate rejection, I pretty much have nothing to loose in these situations, so I find them quite fun, hehe.

Anyways, I backed off the guy, for a little while anyways. We were spying him on the dance floor and I just decided to do C a favor and walked right up to him and told him a friend of mine wanted to talk to him. I turned and could nto find C anywhere in sight. Fuck. This was not the first time this had happened and as usual I was pretty embarrassed, and made a retreat. I found C hiding somewhere and just told him how retarded he was and what a fool he'd made me out to be. Anyways, things got tense when we saw the guy in question talking to a pretty hot blond on the dance floor. I decided to pull out the heavy artillery and went out again and grabbed his arm and took his straight to C. A gutsy move, but well worth it since he immediately recognized C from when a mutual friend presented them the previous summer. They started chatting and I made myself invisible.

Things were going quite well when, to my horror, we saw the blond guy still talking to the guy in question and C. YIKES! Maybe thus guy was a nasty and vengeful queen and didn't appreciate having his potential hook-up stolen from him mid-dance floor. Anyways, we looked on, panicked, but sighed relief when he finally left him alone. All was well as C and the guy in question retreated to a nearby dark corner and we kept on dancing. I told Psesito to keep an eye on the, just in case the queen came back, and kept on shaking booty.

Psesito, ever the watchful lookout, warned me that they were being interrupted again. Dammit, the queen was back. What an insistent bitch. I respected him, but still. So I decided to make matters into my own hands and walked straight up to him. I later found out my buddies were terrified I would smack him or plain tell him to leave C alone. But I had a much different plan. I was going to pull out the heavy heavy artillery. I was going to ask him to dance.

So I walk up to him, and the conversation goes like this...
Germy: Hey. what's up.
Bitch: Nothing much, just here with these guys. How about you?
G: Oh, not much. Just trying to get the courage to ask you to dance with me.
B: *surprised look*
G: *makes dramatic pause, looking like he's trying to muster up courage*
G: Do you want to dance?
B: Sure.

And so we did. Germy was taking one for the team. We danced all slutty-like for a little while, but I totally did not go to far or kiss him or anything. I swear! And when I thought enough time had passed, I said I'd go for some water and ditched him. To my surprise C and the guy is question were making out at this point. A job well done. And so I returned to dance the night away (or at least what was left of it).

C came back to the group and we went back home and talked into the wee hours of the morning about the night's events. Great fun, indeed. C thanked me multiple times and sincerely exclaimed that it had been the best night of his life. That made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I have to say I was a little jealous and can't completely explain my motivation 100%, but hearing that from him made me feel good about myself and good about the fact that you can be a total slut and a good person at the same time, all in the name of helping your friends. Cheers to that!

New roomies

We got two new roommates last week. One was a dog, Rita, and the other was Psesito! Haha. Guess which one is the bigger bitch??? =P

Having the one and only Psesito here has been good fun. Even though I have plenty of good buddies here, him and me go back a long time and are kind of on a different wavelength and just gets where I'm coming from in a deeper way than my other buddies. It's nice. He seems to have adapted quite well to my buddies (and gay buddies) and we already went out to a gay bar and had quite a good time.

I hesitated about telling The Guy that Psesito would be my roommate. There's not a completely comfortable past there. It's not worth going into that now, it's been such a long time really, but it's a fact. I did tell him and he said I was making a fuss over nothing really. I guess I was. Although maybe I wouldn't be as comfortable if my long-distance boyfriend was living with an old ex. One more virtue of The Guy, I suppose.

Psesito has been looking for a house the minute he got to Seattle. I've been sort fo helping him look. My super sister in law managed to recommend both a completely incompetent real estate agent and an fucking retarded lender, so I heard plenty of complaints from Psesito about this. It started getting annoying, but now we poke fun at the fact that the agent was a also a completely incompetent driver and had trouble opening doors to houses... I mean seriously, isn't that a requirement for being a real estate agent?

Anyways, after stressing about how expensive property is in general, on Saturday night Psesito and I came to the realization that if we actually bought something together we could a) Buy a bigger place, b)Buy something brand new and c)Buy something closer to work. We actually started looking at 2-3 bedroom townhomes and found some pretty nice ones that were exactly within a comfortable price range. Cool. We're not dead-set on doing it, Psesito is still looking for himself right now, but we agree that if we find something that's a great value and one person can't afford it, we might take the plunge.

Buying a house with someone else actually means a lot of things. First of all, I'm pretty much agreeing to staying at least two more years in Seattle. And that me and The Guy won't be able to buy something of or own in that timeframe wither (not that we had any plans or anything). In fact, plans with us are pretty much non-existant, which bothers me some. Maybe that's where all of this came about. For some reason I like to plan ahead a lot, and buying a house seems like a good opportunity to make a good investment. If I start planting myself here, maybe it might force The Guy to finally hawl ass over here himself. He seems to be enamoured with London, which I also love, but that plan seems built on dreams and wishes, shaky ground indeed. I've actually come to enjoy Seattle quite a lot. Maybe it has to do with my new Mexican gay clan, maybe with the sprawling theater life. I dunno. I can just more easily imagine myself here now, for a longer period of time. And I want my boyfriend here also.

Anyways, The Guy and me need to have a chat. I don't want to make this decision without consulting him first and talking through all the consequences. I really don't want to force him into anything, but I'm getting ready to make some hard decisions with lasting consequences and would appreciate him being up to the challenge. We'll see.